“I didn’t pay no nickel for no Gay Robot.”

The Greatest Movie EVER!

Strap on your plastic educators, because Forbidden Planet is

The Greatest Movie EVER!

This movie contains:

Flying Saucers.

Leslie Nielsen, Space Commando.

Sirens from Beyond the Stars.


Invisible Monsters. (You can’t see it. It’s invisible.)




Celebrating 101 and consecutive podcasts, we’re bringing it for real, yo.


  1. Steve Harrison says:

    Ahhhh, Forbidden Planet. I love this movie. Lots of amazing design work, so much ‘implied world building’ in so much of it.

  2. Is anyone fearing the onslaught of Tank Girl? I am…

  3. Daryl Surat says:

    Unwilling to believe that there were in fact 100 episodes of this podcast despite my not having 100 episodes out and being out for six months longer, I checked through the feed to find that yes, one hundred movies have indeed been reviewed here. Desperate for validation, I tell myself that as of Show 61, there have been one hundred *and fifty* titles reviewed on AWO. Superiority complex: reassured.

    A further analysis of the feed revealed a potential flaw in my ongoing theory that Paul is completely, utterly wrong 33% of the time. A cursory scan of the feed to evaluate which movies were incorrectly identified as either Greatest/Worst Movies EVER! showed the percentage to be just under 25%. Regardless, I have confidence that were I to listen to each episode again, it would reveal sufficient wrong-isms contained within the episodes that were nonetheless correctly categorized. Kung-fu related blasphemies, no doubt.

    Clarissa has actually owned Buckaroo Banzai on DVD for quite some time. You can’t run forever, and after that there’ll be nothing to save you from my psychic emanations regarding the Lin Brothers, who always fight together. By contrast, Mark Dacascos fights alone.

  4. Mark Dacascos fights alone because he is Crying Freeman. He sheds tears for the people that he kills.

  5. Niku says:

    Grats on 100!

    I celebrated by FINALLY getting back to listening to the podcast and catching up on about 70 unlistened to shows over the past three weeks or so while at work.

    Okay, it wasn’t a celebration so much as it was a binge.

  6. Kidder says:

    It’s a shame you didn’t review the animation film of the same name. That shit is mind-assploding

  7. Uh, do you mean the animated film Fantastic Planet, which is not the same name?

  8. Kidder says:

    shits… I think I did mean Fantastic Planet…

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