Greatness 101 – Tank Girl!

The Greatest Movie EVER!

Punk out your hair-do, because Tank Girl is the Greatest Movie EVER!

This movie contains:

Malcom McDowell, a Friendly Man filled with Happy Feelings.

The always lovely Naomi Watts.

Impromptu Musical Numbers.

Ice T as a Mutant Kangaroo.

Oh yeah. Lori Petty’s in it, too.



  1. dork at large says:

    I know this isn’t about “Make mom watch Ghost in the Shell,” sorry. But here’s an idea: bait and switch. Promise her Ghost in the Shell on Valentine’s Day, and then sneak in a completely different movie. Whisper of the Heart, perhaps? Adolescence of Utena? The Girl Who Leapt Through Time?

  2. I need to buy this on DVD…I watched it as a teenager remember liking it…then years later when I was on the net being told it was bad…and thinking that until I saw it on the Sci-fi channel last year…

    Then I remembered it was bad and that was why I liked it.

    I think I will buy it on Tuesday when I am in Spalding…my favourite scene was the musical number.

  3. Eduardo M. says:

    What happened to the preview for next week? Don’t tell me you’re joining the writer’s strike. DAMM YOU ALL! Is there NO PLACE IN THE AUDIO/VISUAL WORLD LEFT FOR ME TO ENTERTAIN MYSELF????!!!!!!!!

  4. mitchyd says:

    Sean, I think the British icon you’re thinking of is the Mind the Gap logo in the tubes. I could be totally wrong, but I think it’s a bullseye-ish logo.

  5. Davedave says:

    Malcolm McDowell has been called bad before. Many people have said, Malcolm McDowell does things that are not… correct to do. I do not believe in such talk!

    Congrats on 101 episodes!

  6. Stickler says:

    Umm…it’s BERG. Paul WesterBERG. I’m guessing you’re not a huge fan of The Replacements.

  7. Stickler says:

    1) The aforementioned bit where you called Paul Westerberg by the wrong name.
    2) Not knowing what the logo for the London Underground is.
    3) Claiming the Sex Pistols wore safety pins because they were poor. (Their clothes were created by Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood).

    These are the reasons I have stopped listening to this podcast and will never listen again. Get a clue.

  8. gooberzilla says:

    Eddie, don’t push it. There’s no preview because all my podcasting plans for this past weekend self-destructed. This makes me a grumpy panda.

    Stickler sure lives up to the name, huh?

    He’s incorrect, though. The London Underground logo is a red circle with a blue bar through it that says “London Underground”. Tank Girl’s bull’s eye t-shirt is simply a bull’s eye: it has a blue circle with a red circle inside.

  9. Ian says:

    Don’t be a sad panda Paul the podcast abides. Thanks for reviewing Tank Girl now I won’t have to watch it.

  10. gooberzilla says:

    I love that this comment thread has already spawned oblique references to both The Big Lebowski and Kung Pow.

  11. Hollywood says:

    Just wanted to make a quick note to Stickler that Paul may or may not delete.

    1)I know it’s Westerberg, what did I say? Westerfield? I do that all the time. I misspeak. It happens. I’m also NOT a huge Replacements fan. I got a best of album and its ok.

    2) The symbol for the London Underground is a red circle with a blue bar through it. I didn’t realize it was also a blue circle with a red circle within it to form a bullseye. What I was thinking of was the Ministry of Space logo…if it is another symbol for the London Underground, the British need to figure out a more uniform signage system.

    3) I know about McLaren and Westwood…I also know that they didn’t formulate their ideas out of nothing. The safety pins come from what the poor kids did to keep their clothes together.

    Although we here at the Greatest Movie Ever podcast appreciate all our listeners, we’ll be fine with one less sandy vagina on the forums.

  12. Ian says:

    And the panda reference is directly from South Park.

  13. Eduardo M. says:

    Didn’t mean to rag on you, Goob. I was just surprised to see no preview since I find them to be incredibly amusing and a nice way to taste what is around the corner. Sory to hear you’re plans went kaboom. I hope the rest of this turkey-eating week goes better for you.

  14. Ivan says:

    Congrats on 101 episodes, Paul!

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