“It’s Not OVAH!”

The Greatest Movie EVER!

Strap on your combat boots, because First Blood is the Greatest Movie EVER!

Sorry, no show notes this time.

I can’t make screen-caps off of Blu-Ray DVDs

that I watch on my SUPER SEXY PS3!


Okay, kiddies, you have three options.

Do you want me to upload Resident Evil: Extinction, Flight of the Navigator, or Appleseed: Ex Machina next? Leave feedback to let me know.

It’s like a Choose Your Own Adventure(TM) Book!


  1. dorkatlarge says:

    Yo Gooberzilla. I’d like to hear your Resident Evil: Extinction podcast next. You’ve mentioned it on previous episodes, and the movie could be impressively bad. Bad is good, baby.

  2. RJ Bubel says:

    I love your choose your own Adventure Books, although they may not be literature according to Dave and Joel. Bring on the Extinction, that sounds wonderfully awful if you ask me.

  3. kaiki says:

    Sean & Katherine take on Extinction! W00t!

  4. gooberzilla says:

    Extinction is with Angel and George. Katherine’s back at law school, so she’s not going to be doing podcasts for a while. Flight of the Navigator is with Sean and Dan. Ex Machina is with a pair of bums I found on the street; I bribed them with half a jug of antifreeze to drink.

  5. HaloJones-Fan says:

    I’ll have to go with “Ex Machina” based on the strength of the co-hosts. Then “Flight of the Navigator”. Iimagine that “Extinction” is just going to be 30 minutes of whingeing about how bad the movie was, and I can do that myself, for free.

  6. Soldiers getting spit on were not entirely urban myth. When I was in college in the 90s I worked at a public library. I found a book (unfortunately I cannot remember the title or the author) which dealt with this subject. The writer was a national columnist who posed the question of Vietnam era soldiers being spat on in his column. He got a really big response, big enough that it justified putting the responses in a book. Some say they were spat on, some said there were not and treated well on their return and many said that they were simply treated with disdain or contempt upon returning. You may be right that Rambo had influenced public opinion of hating the war and the politicians but support the soldiers attitude with have now but you.

  7. Please ignore the but you at the end of my post. I was deleting something which came off as repetitive. I apologize for any confusion

  8. Eduardo M. says:

    “Choose Your Own Adventure” huh? Which one of these options isn’t going to get me killed?

    But seriously folks. I’ll take Flight of the Navigator.

  9. Tommy S says:

    Resident Evil: Extinction would be a ‘great’ addition to your repertoire of Paul W S Anderson movies and George and Angel are my favourite co-hosts.

  10. Mitchell Dyer says:

    More Fastest Movie Ever, please!

    Bring on the Appleseed.

  11. blank says:

    My vote goes for Flight of the Navigator.

  12. Daryl Surat says:

    Jeremy’s dad was a hippie? No wonder he’s such a colossal wussy boy AS DEMONSTRATED BY THIS PODCAST. In order to keep the FDA-required hippie levels down on this podcast, I DEMAND First Blood: Part II should that ever come to pass. Also, Blind Fury. And Cobra. And Rambo V if that gets made. I hope Rambo V involves the return of a vengeance-seeking David Caruso.

    Appleseed: Ex Machina by a mile, even though all parties involve are heretics who have the utter GALL to say that the first movie was better.

  13. kaiki says:

    If Sean is on Flight of the Navigator then I retract my vote for Extinction ^_- Go Navigator!

  14. Young Freud says:

    Nope, having seen part of RE: Extinction at work, that deserves to be torn to shred by you video zombies. Next up would have to be the Appleseed EX Machina, just because I had heard it was worse than the first Appleseed film, the specifics I heard being that Deunan is even more of a pussy through out the EX Machina than she was in the last half of the movie.

  15. Cory says:

    That was another great review, I personally love this movie. Its been awhile since I last saw it so I have to watch it again, also the Resident Evil Extinction review seems like a winner. You should get Fast Karate on that podcast it would be great. I almost forgot Extinction SUCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and I mean it SUCKS HARD !!!!!

  16. matt allen says:

    Another good episode, Paul, especially for going over the differences between the movie and the novel. As far as your next episode, I vote for Appleseed: Ex Machina, as it is the only one of the three films I have seen.

  17. RobotBastard says:

    Re: spitting on returning soldiers. The guy who originally claimed that it was “urban myth” explained his reasoning as “no stories about this appeared in the news before about 1980”. He apparently was not aware of the fact that the databases he was searching did not archive prior to 1980 (which was when the AP and other newspapers started transmitting electronic files instead of teletype hardcopy.)

  18. RobotBastard says:

    I kind of wish you guys had gone into “Rocky versus Rambo” a bit more, because–and here I am, getting all pretentious–I think that they represented the two sides of America’s view of itself in the early Eighties. Rocky is what we wanted to be; Rambo is what we were afraid that we were. See, Rocky is the underdog, the clown, the guy nobody takes seriously–but he puts his head down and tries really hard and practices and makes himself better, and in the end it turns out that he’s got what it takes. Rambo, on the other hand, is an empty shell; he can kill the bad guys really good, but that’s all he can do, and the world has run out of bad guys worth killing.

  19. Ian says:

    Flight (to those in the know) is probably the best. So I’d hold off on that one and do the other two next.

  20. NthDegree256 says:

    I vote for a new episode of Barbarian Needs Food!

  21. The Shade says:

    I’ve never been a fan of Resident Evil, and the Appleseed movies have really been subpar, so my vote is for “Flight of the Navigator”, a movie that was really interesting, for the first half, at least. The second half devolved too much into a juvenile movie.

  22. sparkles says:

    Darnit Paul! I have to vote for flight of the Navigator and heres why. I think it’s high time that you devote an entire movie to zombie movies, but actually review some decent ones or off the beaten trail zombie flicks. Even by Resident evil fans standards, Extinction is just a horrible zombie movie.I’d love to hear your reviews on zombie movies like: Fido, Dawn of the Dead, Zombie 2.

  23. Jeff Tatarek says:

    If there is to be a zombie month, I humbly request inclusion if for no other reason that way back in my single digit years I remember being in the mall where the original Dawn of the Dead was filmed, maybe pretty close to the time of filming for all I know.

    My vote for the next episode is for Flight of the Navigator, mostly because I think I can predict where the other two reviews will go (“OMG it sucked but we still found hilarity within it” vs “well, the CGI was better but they still can’t do humans very well and did I mention that Shirow is DEEEEP, MAAAAAN. Did I say ‘deep’? I meant ‘forking insane’.”

  24. davedave24 says:

    Flight of the Navigator! All three should be awesome episodes, but I have to side with childhood nogstalia.

  25. Dave says:

    “well, the CGI was better but they still can’t do humans very well and did I mention that Shirow is DEEEEP, MAAAAAN. Did I say ‘deep’? I meant ‘forking insane”

    WRONG. You could not be more wrong. You could make an attempt at being more wrong, but I doubt you would be successful.

  26. Keith says:

    The end of First Blood is a throwback to the end of Billy Jack, only without a row of hippies and far less experimental improv theater and lectures about alternative schools.

    Now you need to watch Thunder Warrior, in which the Italians go, “Man, Billy Jack and First Blood were OK, but they didn’t have enough scenes of guys blowing stuff up.”

  27. Alex says:

    “Flight of the Navigator” was fun, until Max went from the cool computer voice to whacky voice.

    I’m voting for “Resident Evil: Extinction”. I like the Worst Movies better. I’m a negative nancy.

  28. Zombietoaster says:

    RE2 would be nice 😛

  29. gooberzilla says:

    Okay, voting is closed. Flight just barely beat out Extinction to take the title of COMING SOON.

    Zombietoaster, we already did Resident Evil: Apocalypse back in December of 2006. Here.

    The audio quality will be horrible, just so you know. We’ve come a long way technologically since then.

  30. Jordan says:

    Wait so you have already recorded them? Or are we choosing which one we want next. Flight of the navigator either way but i don’t care which order they’re in as long as they’re all there.

  31. Hollywood says:




  32. bishopcruz says:

    Oh Sean, take you Pyrrhic victories when you can. Even though as I count there is a tie of 7 to 7, so I’m calling shenanigans. But hey, Tommy S knows where it’s at. Of course this would be less of an issue if Goob would get these out faster. ; )

  33. Aaron says:

    Flight of the Navigator!

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