Spirit-Jaguar Can’t Protect Your Chickenbag.

The 'Greatest' Movie EVER!
Don’t inhale the Voodoo Powder, because
The Serpent and the Rainbow is the ‘Greatest’ Movie EVER!
This film contains:
It's not so bad...
Bill Pullman on Voodoo Drugs.
Hey there!
Friendly Corpses.
I see what you did there...
See, he's smiling.
Zakes Mokae, a Nice Man with Happy Feelings, All of the Time.
All John Rambo wanted was a cup of coffee…


  1. Your reviews are great. I hope that your review of first blood will contain an indepth discussion as to the potential motivations of Brain Denehey?

  2. Ah. Nothings brings a Saturday to a wonderful close like listening to a podcast, especially when the co-host is Katherine the Great.

  3. Bill Pullman on drugs! Woo hoo! How did this man make it to President of the US in ID4? The cover of this movie scared me plenty when I was a little ‘un. Never did have the gumption to rent it.

    Also, just to annoy Sean, I can’t wait to hear the First Blood podcast! Especially since I wasn’t able to go see John Rambo in the cinema despite getting a command to go see it by my high priest, Daryl Surat. Please Paul, save me! I don’t want to put in the coffin again!

  4. Hurray! The triumphant return of Katherine the Great! We missed your sassy attitude and the fact that you walk all over Goob.

  5. I hate all of you oh so much.

    Just for that I am going to give Paul some LSD and turn this show into the Greatest Gilmore Girl Episode Ever Podcast!

  6. “Don’t worry, Sean’s not on the First Blood podcast. Mwahaha.”

    If Daryl Surat isn’t co-hosting this one I fully expect carpet dramabombing.

  7. So finally listened to this. PAUL. My mom made my whole family sit through this movie when I was about 18 and I remember it being boring and awful, but really, the ONLY thing I remember about it is the nail through the nuts! How could you forget that?

    Also, Katherine is still incredible.

  8. And I don’t know about vooodoo dust, but good ol’ fashioned American corpse powder is blown into the face.

  9. Wow, that was Bill Pullman? Hard to imagine that Lone Starr was in a zombie movie.

  10. If you are interested in owning a real piece of vo voodoo, I can hand-assemble a mojo bag (gris-gris) for you. Go to my web site, MojoMambo.net
    Take care! I really do mean that. Best regards, MojoMambo

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