Who Shook the Lava Lamp?

I hope you paid off your dangerous, experimental surgery premiums, because Fantastic Voyage is the Greatest Movie EVER!

Review in a Nutshell:  Psychedelic and more than a little absurd, Fantastic Voyage is a film that benefits greatly from a second viewing.  Plus, Raquel Welch in a skin-tight wetsuit.


  1. I just wanted to say that I *heart* you Paul. I *heart* you severely. I originally found this podcast because you liked both Mortal Kombat and The Iron Giant, two movies that I feel are fantastic. You have also inspired me to see movies that involve large reptiles fighting other large reptiles (I’ve seen Anacadonda, and Anaconda 2). I think your podcasting prowess has supremely improved from the first episode on, and you just seem like an all around cool person, like the geeky friend you get into good natured arguments with over who would win in a fight: Superman or Green Lantern. I must also say I have a podcaster crush on you too. *wink* Kudos sir, kudos.

  2. is the audience really ready for the pairing of Dennis Quaid and Martin Short?

    That is a genie that must be uncorked from the bottle with care.

  3. Dude, love your podcast! Totally rocks!

    Can you please do “The Marine”? Just watched this movie. Hilariously awesome and bad at the same time. Would love to hear you talk about it!

  4. I think the REAL question we need to ask ourselves is “WHICH Green Lantern”? For what if Superman were to go toe to toe with Sodam Yat, eh? Sodam Yat is a Daxamite, and as ALL OF US KNOW, Daxamites have the exact same power set as Kryptonians, but instead of being fatally poisonous to Kryptonite they’re fatally poisonous to lead. So Sodam Yat without his Green Lantern ring is just as powerful as Superman, sir! Only he also is a Green Lantern! And, and, he’s not just ANY Green Lantern, he has the Ion entity, which means he is a SUPER DUPER Green Lantern!

    So yeah, Superman would totally lose to Sodam Yat Green Lantern. And Guy Gardner. But he could wipe the floor with that Hal Jordan poopsock any day of the week.

  5. One interesting thing about this movie that dates it is that the military is portrayed as intelligent and capable.

    If Fantastic Voyage were made (or remade) today the Generals watching would be much more antagonistic. Either arrogant and interfering (as in Armageddon), or secretly wanting to use the miniaturization tech to pull off a coup of the U.S., or trying to sell the tech to the highest bidder.

  6. Wiki note, the studio hired no less than Issac Asimov to write the novelisation of the screenplay. But since his novelisation was released months before the film, many believe that the movie is an adaption of an Asimov story.

    The novelisation is worth a read, since Asimov smooths over the more egregious continuity errors.

  7. Wait, wait, wait. I see Soldier and Sky High? That’s all? That’s all Kurt Russell Gets? For shame Paul Chapman, for shame. What about Escape From New York, The Thing, Big Trouble In Little China, Tango and Cash and…well I guess maybe Stargate, but still. Give Snake some love!

  8. When MOM copped to being a nurselike being, I started looking forward to a question that never came up: would a NURSE be qualified to scuba-dive and assist with the operation of a powerful laser handweapon? Today that job would be done by a Navy SEAL. So if you’re looking for another way this movie doesn’t make a lick of sense, there it is.

    But it’s also one more thing that makes it cool.

  9. Goob, you were wondering about the submarine, laser, and giant syringe they had laying around. But if you look at the CDMF logo scattered around it has a medical symbol in the center, which makes it look like this might have originally been a medical program that was taken over by the military.

  10. zOMGz. Now I definitely want to hear an Innerspace review… or that corny animated version with Bill Murray (Live-action) & Eddie Murphy (as the blackest white blood cell ever)

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