Paul may be a bit of a John Woo hater, but Last Hurrah for Chivalry is the Greatest Movie EVER!

Review in a Nutshell:  Combining manly melodrama with innovative action scenes, Last Hurrah for Chivalry is a kung fu classic.  It works equally well when you’re on heavy medication, too.

Sleeping Wizard, or Snoopy?

Aerial Sword-Swinging Silliness.

Manly Emotions!


  1. J.D. William says:

    The download right now is soo slow. What’s up with that ?

  2. Daryl Surat says:

    As I noted to Paul, John Woo did indeed direct another movie since Paycheck: the Chinese epic Red Cliff. Clocking in at about four and a half hours in length such that they split it up into two movies, Red Cliff is John Woo’s retelling of the noted battle from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms.


  3. soundwaveCA says:

    I’m surprised your not a fan of Hard Boiled considering all the other ridicules action flicks you’ve reviewed, it’s one of the few ridicules ones I actually like *shrug*

  4. Canti-sama says:

    Yay, Sean is back! I love when you guys do Kung-Fu cinema!

  5. Firest says:

    To my surprise, I’ve actually seen all of the Hong Kong action movies you’ve reviewed on the show.

    Now all you have to do is review the first Flying Guillotine movie and Heroes of the East (AKA Shaolin vs. Ninja) and you’ll have done every 70’s HK action movie I can remember watching Saturday afternoon as a kid.

  6. The Joel says:

    Can I get a non-radio edit, Paul. That’s some bullshit. I need my podcasts raw and uncut.

    Also, Serenity was fun.

  7. gooberzilla says:

    Joel, you know I don’t have an Explicit language tag. If I didn’t bleep stuff, I could get kicked off of the iTunes store.

  8. Keith says:

    Love this movie. As cheesy as it is, that “theme from Last Hurrah for Chivalry” gets me all pumped up and feeling like it’s time to sacrifice myself for friendship and redemption.

    You should give Heroes Shed No Tears a try. It’s basically John Woo answering the question, “What would happen if a mercenary pursued by bloodthirsty killers in the jungle decided to bring his son along?”

    Also, it’s about time you tested your skills against a Yuen Brothers film. Young Taoism Fighter? Shaolin Drunkard? Giant frogs, watermelon monsters, astral projection kungfu, turtles dancing to Roxy Music…

  9. Eduardo M. says:

    You missed a couple of Sean’s utterances of the “A” word. Hopefully iTunes did too. I’d hate to see the GME struck down thanks to Apple not feeling the love for Sean’s potty mouth.

  10. James says:

    Awesome pod cast! You guys should review ‘Mother’s Day’ for mothers day.

  11. Firest says:

    For Mother’s Day? Aliens.

  12. Eduardo M. says:

    I say either version of Psycho for Mothers Day

  13. Zacery says:

    This was the first episode I heard, it was really great! I’ve downloaded most of them now (your Mom is great, your reviews of Anaconda and Boa VS Python were inspired)

    – Zacery

    PS: I didn’t think it had a slow download :S

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