Hold onto your hair-plugs, because Alligator is the Greatest Movie EVER!

Review in a Nutshell:  Humorous and horrific, tightly edited and carefully paced, Alligator is the giant reptile movie that all the others imitate.  Accept no substitutes!

This movie contains:

Robert Forster, the World’s Unluckiest Cop.

Henry Silva, Great White Hunter.

Male Pattern Baldness.

Gators Crashin’ Your Garden Party.


  1. I’m afraid Mr. Chapman won’t be doing Alligator 2: The Mutation next for two, count ’em TWO, reasons. First, this whole giant reptile thing? Kind of overdone. Dare I say, approaching “played out.”

    More important than that is the fact that he has not done a podcast about this classic:

    One look at that picture reveals that Mr. Romero should have concentrated his efforts on remaking this bad boy to eternity than all that zombie nonsense. is another worthy shot, but it doesn’t have Sex Machine in it like the first one.

    (it’s freaking Knightriders, people)

  2. You know, in the original treatment of t….oh. Never mind.

    With each Henry Silva appearance, you draw closer and closer to the inevitable Megaforce.

  3. I really need to see this one again. I saw it ages ago when it first aired on HBO and I don’t think that I’ve seen it since. I remember thinking how cool it looked when the alligator smashed its way out of the sewer through the street.

    Another excellent killer alligator/crocodile flick is ‘Rogue’, which just came out a year or two ago. Very suspenseful and much more intelligently played out than most killer croc movies out there.

  4. Daryl-Knightriders is an amazing film, perhaps Romero’s best work as a film maker. It made me cry…. go ahead and laugh.

  5. Unfortunately, Megaforce isn’t available on DVD, and even the VHS edition is hard to find.

    Megaforce has been so badly treated that even the laserdisc edition was pan&scan.

  6. Oh man, listening to this really takes me back. I listened with baited breath when you started describing the pool scene. That’s the most memorable and disturbing scene.

  7. I’ve never seen the pool scene, it must be cut from the broadcast version of the movie.

    Not a huge surprise really.

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