The Loneliness of Atomic-Powered Cephalopods

Beware of stock footage in the swamp, because Bride of the Monster is the Greatest Movie EVER!

Review in a Nutshell:  This movie contains Wood-en acting, lousy sets, rubber animals, and a veritable cavalcade of absurdities.  I love it dearly.

 This movie also contains:


Shaved Yetis.

Atomic Monsters?


  1. Sugar-chan says:

    I must now change the name of my band to “Atomic Octopus” in Rockband. This was a very good episode, and the only thing I want more than to be a bride of a monster, is to be-friend an immobile, rubber octopus fueled by radioactivity.

    Good show, sir. Good show.

  2. Eduardo M. says:

    Ilove MST3K’s send-up to this movie. I wonder how in the heck that episode was never released on DVD. Is Tor Johnson’s family mounting an effort to block it??

  3. Firest says:

    Great show, and as always M.O.M. is the best co-host.

  4. Some people use weapons grade crystal meth to hurt their family and friends. The Gooberzilla uses Bride of the Monster.

  5. Eduardo M. says:

    Which begs the question Jefferson, which is worse?

  6. fuzzyprint says:

    Haha, I only just listened to this one yesterday. I am soooo far behind in my favorite podcasts.

    This was a great episode. I love it when Goobs does the freak out summaries in his reviews. It nearly mobilizes me to find the movie. I will likely be defeated by this film.

    Thanks MOM for being a great sport. I’m with Firest, MOM is the best co-host.

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