Cage Rage: Bringing Out the Dead

Gas up  the ambulance and break out the crash-cart, because Bringing Out the Dead is the Greatest Movie EVER and also the January entry for The Year of the Cage!

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Review in a Nutshell:  At times lyrical, at times psychedelic, at times darkly humorous, Bringing Out the Dead is a gritty drama of hope and human redemption.

And Now, Your Moment of Nicolas Cage Zen:

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  1. Thomas P says:

    I remember Dave and Joel spoiling this theme month a while back. Glad to see it back.

    As far as your Scorsese comments go….. Paul….. Goodfellas. Taxi Driver. Cape Fear. Basically every movie he’s ever made has been fantastic. I don’t really take you for task for most of the controversial statements you say, but you can say that you don’t care for the themes he deals with. You can say you don’t like the New York setting. You can say that you don’t like watching his films because they’re hard to watch. All of these things are valid, but to do anything but acknowledge how talented Scorsese is as both a storyteller and as a film maker is just factually incorrect. Scorsese’s works are mostly hard to watch, but his films have so much depth to them that there is no question about his talents. I think you can dislike some of his tricks (the same way I dislike a lot of stuff Spielberg does). I think I’m just more surprised at your position as totally lame for not liking most of Scorsese’s film.

    Also Cage Rage? Lame! How about Two Cage Ten or Cagegeddon? There are so many better names for the theme year you could go with.

  2. gooberzilla says:

    I never said Scorsese was a bad film-maker. I said I generally don’t enjoy his films. Bringing Out the Dead is an exception.

    Liking and disliking are not the same as taking a critical stance regarding an artist’s work. There are all sorts of well-made films out there that I don’t enjoy. Whether something deserves critical recognition and praise and whether I enjoy watching it are entirely different things.

  3. wayintothe7thart says:

    Oh goodies, I can’t wait for The Wicker Man Podcast with Dave and Joel!

    “Goodfellas. Taxi Driver. Cape Fear. Basically every movie he’s ever made has been fantastic.” – Thomas P

    I won’t say every movies. I like Casino, but it Goodfellas with one more hour to replace Ray Liotta. And The Departed ending is the only reason why I won’t say it’s suck.

  4. averyisland says:

    Great podcast, especially liked Mom’s presence on the podcast, especially with her experience. Bringing Out the Dead is probably my second favorite Scorsese right behind Taxi Driver, and I think you nailed all of the particulars, like the water mixing with the blood, the realism, the fact that they SCREW UP THE CPR. I can’t stand it when movies get that wrong, especially considering I knew how to do it properly when I was 13.

    Anyways, I can’t wait for the next entry, especially the eventual Wicker Man podcast by Dave & Joel!

  5. gooberzilla says:

    I think one of the reasons you see CPR screwed up a lot in film is that if you actually performed it on a healthy person, you could do some serious damage. Even doing it properly in an emergency can result in broken ribs. They probably have to fudge it as a matter of safety.

  6. fuzzyprint says:

    Year of the Cage!

    Yesssss I am so pleased.

  7. Ian says:

    Never felt the need to comment before, as we tend to talk about these things in vent. This time though I just want to say, well done. I have an affinity for Cage movies but for the typical reasons. This is probably my favorite of his arguably good ones and for me that’s despite him. As cruel as that sounds.

    You made the point in the podcast that defines why I love it, and credited the people I feel are the ones deserving praise. The movie is visually brilliant and I agree the editor and director of photography are the keys. I like Scorcese but I think his true skill is finding, and working with, talented people. Whether they be in front of or behind the camera.

    Again, well done and I love it when you bring it up to a serious, artistic level from time to time.

  8. xander says:

    Personally I hate the cage but he has done a few good movies. Personally I hated Bringing out the dead but you had some valid points on why it was a good movie. I’ve been a fan of this podcast for over 2 years and no matter what movie it is, you always give me well opinionated points on why the movie deserves to be appreciated.

    Now onto some important business. Please do Big Trouble in Little China and Barry Gordy’s Last Dragon. I have waited for you or Fast karate for the gentlemen to do these movies, But it has not been done yet. Surprisingly Enough I heard a pretty good review of Big Trouble on the Spiraken Manga Review. Please follow up with a better job covering the movie. please…

  9. gooberzilla says:

    Barry Gordie’s The Last Dragon, along with Equilibrium were podcasts that I did with Sean but lost because I screwed up the recording by not actually hitting the ‘Record’ button. I hope to revisit them eventually, but I don’t know when that will happen.

    At this point, I’m not even sure if I should review Big Trouble. I’m not sure if I could add anything to the discussion that would be worthy of the film itself, and I’ve already received several death-threats from fellow podcasters who want to be involved if I do record that one. I don’t think I could handle having an episode with eight cohosts. The editing / post-production process would kill me.

  10. Laura says:

    Excellent review, thanks for bringing to attention an underrated film. Makes me want to watch it again. As easy a target as Cage can be, his Raising Arizona/Moonstruck/Leaving Las Vegas roles prove that he can be A-class.

    And as to upcoming Cage Rage: Will there be bees? NO, NOT THE BEES!! AH, MY EYES!!

  11. Keith says:

    The way I look at it, your entire series of podcasts is a review of Big Trouble in Little China, scattered throughout the years in small pieces, like one of those treasures that has to be tracked down and reassembled so a special effect can happen.

    Regarding the number of wretched movies Cage has been in — he’s unlucky not to be British, Because British actors make hundreds of horrible American movies and are still well-respected. The man is a working actor. When you install cabinets for a living, you don’t get to tell a customer “I’m not installing these cabinets, because I think they’re ugly.” You just do the job and then make fun of people afterward for having crappy taste in cabinetry.I respect an actor who just takes the part and does the job without being all picky about it.

    Which leads me to my theory on how Cage gets parts. He has a phone under a cheese dome. When it rings, he picks it up and simply says, “Crazy or mumbling?” The other person responds, and Cage knows which of his two performances he has to turn in to get his paycheck. He never reads the script, doesn’t even know the title of the movie until filming begins — an sometimes not even then. That’s how I’m going to get him for my movie: Nick Cage is Luke Cage in The Cage Fighter. Co-starring Jalal Merhi as ‘The Inquisitor.'”

  12. xander says:

    The reason why the Cage gets jobs is because he is a coppala. no other reason

  13. Duane says:

    I loved this episode. I haven’t thought about this movie in years (and I only vaguely remember the particulars of it now), but it’s one of those that stuck in my mind on a more emotional level. I now need to get this movie and watch it again.

  14. Eduardo M. says:

    “I’ve already received several death-threats from fellow podcasters who want to be involved if I do record that one. I don’t think I could handle having an episode with eight cohosts. The editing / post-production process would kill me.”
    Maybe that should be your next contest. Winner gets to record the Big Trouble in Little China podcast

  15. Thomas P says:

    Hmm, my comment didn’t post yesterday. The short of it, sorry if my first comment came off as “you’re an idiot for not liking Scorsese”. His films are hard to watch. Also I think he’s far from flawless. My main criticism is that most of his films are too long. Sorry if it came off as “you’re an idiot for not thinking Scorsese is a good director”. I meant it to be “you’re an idiot for not liking Scorsese in general”. You know I love you Paul.

    In any event, I still think you should challenge a few more Carpenter films. Big Trouble in Little China would be a tough film to review because it is so well loved. Could you try and do a Commando style review and cram 6 people into it?

    Also I’d really be interested to hear your thoughts on Prince of Darkness or Halloween. I think you’d have an interesting take on those films.

  16. James says:

    Paul, I am not a Scorsese fan either. I have yet to see a movie of his that has blown me away like they seem to do everyone else. Taxi Driver was eh. Departed had a good ending, but nothing amazing. So don’t feel bad, there are others out there who are not all over Marty’s balls.

  17. Firest says:

    Great podcast Paul, and as always, it’s great to hear M.O.M.’s take on things. And you’re right about the CPR. I have to be trained in it annually as well and the instructors are blunt about the fact that if you are doing it right you’re going to be breaking ribs.

    As for the year of Cage, everyone seems hung up on Wicker Man (and let me just vote “Please for the love of god don’t” on that one) but let me suggest the classic Fire Birds.

    If you’ve never seen this “Top Gun with Apache helicopters” rip-off before, then let me just set this one scene for you.

    The Cage (the maverick helicopter pilot) wearing a woman’s bra and a periscope on his head, driving a jeep around a military base alongside Tommy Lee Jones (the wise old mentor).

  18. xenomouse says:

    Good podcast, Paul. M.O.M.’s contributions to this one were especially good.

  19. theConundrumm says:

    in my world Cage died a horrible and tragic death involving a blender, 6 tabs of acid, a golf club (9 iron), and some potatoes shortly after making Raising Arizona…

  20. Ian says:

    Cool, I own this movie but haven’t watched it since the theatre. One of those Scorsese gems.

  21. Stells says:

    Does this mean you’re going to delve into Lynchian territory with Wild at Heart?

    It has the The Cage surrounded by much better actors while he talks like Elvis, has lots of hot sex with Laura Dern, hangs out with the cast of Twin Peaks, and does all his own singing. How can it get any better?

  22. wayintothe7thart says:

    When you talking about Nicolas Cage in the air, in Vegas, and in a action movie, it end with two word.

    CON AIR!

  23. Creaty says:

    Nobody’s mentioned Adaptation, he was great in that well, everyone’s great in that. I would love to hear Paul’s take on it

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