The Napoleon of Underwater Fish Crimes

Don’t go in the water, because Jaws: The Revenge is (definitely not) The Greatest Movie EVER!

Click the movie poster or the link above to download our review of the film.

Review in a Nutshell:  Stock footage, dodgy editing, immobile shark props, and Michael Caine are a powerful combination indeed.  Watch it with someone you love; they will hate you for it.

This movie contains:

Mario Van Peebles, Black MacGuyver.


This will end well.


THIS is how you show sea-dwelling creatures who is boss.

Also, click HERE to see comedian Richard Jeni’s take on Jaws: The Revenge.


  1. HAHAHAHA!!! Oh god, this is a terrible movie. I think I have to disagree with you, because this movie is so bad, that I think it swings back around and becomes the greatest movie ever.

    I won’t waste any time expressing the sheer absurdity of the plot, since Richard Jeni has done a good enough job for all of us, so I’ll just cut to the epic climax.

    The shark gets shocked by means that I don’t entirely understand, but the great part is that it produces the same roar as Spot, beloved pet of The Munsters. Oh, and then it randomly explodes when the boat rams it, taking the boat with it.

    It has to be the greatest “OMG WTF just happened?” moments in all of cinematic history. It makes NO sense, and it doesn’t even try.

    How can you NOT love this movie?

  2. wayintothe7thart says:

    Welcome back Katherine.

    You know should have put Richard Jeni at the end of the podcast. Seeing that it the 200 episode and so.

  3. Firest says:

    Ah, Jaws: the Revenge.

    Just when you thought Jaws 3-D was the most ridiculous shark movie ever made….

  4. ctr0012000 says:

    I saw this movie on video when it came out. At the time it was the coolest thing ever! I watched this movie at least twenty times that year. During the holidays I went back to my parents’ place and I saw Jaws: The Revenge in a bag of videos that they were going to turn into a used bookstore. I had such fond memories of it that I had to watch it again. Well…

    The thing was that I blanked out during the movie. I do not know if that means that it was so awesome (good) that my brain could not handle its glory or it was so awesome (bad) that my brain turned on me and forced me to go unconscious. The third option is that I fell asleep. This proves that yes, this is the greatest movie ever!

  5. Keith says:

    “”I have never seen the film. However I have seen the house that it built, and it is terrific.” — Michael Caine

  6. Eduardo M. says:

    Welcome back Katherine. Love it when you’re here. And thanks guys for the Green Lantern reference.

  7. David Turner says:

    Happy 200!
    I remember seeing Jaws 3 several time but not this one yet. I really wonder if anything with Mario Van Peebles can be considered the Greatest Movie Ever.
    It was nice to hear Katherine again too.
    Oh, and Michael Caine, while pretty cool, is totally a step down from Roy Scheider.

  8. wayintothe7thart says:

    @David Turner: I guess you never watch Posse.

  9. You guys talked about the lost voodoo priest subplot. What would have been great is if a voodoo priest had revived the original shark with a botched resurrection spell, and the shark is only able to hunt the Brody family to the beat of music.

  10. Edmund says:

    Nice job givin’ a shout out to the Red Lantern Corps!

  11. Eduardo M. says:

    Amen Edmund.
    Hey Goob, any chance you could slip in a reference to the Blue Lanterns next? I can send you the oath.

  12. Ian says:

    I like the story about how Michael Caine was not able to be at the Oscar’s when he got one for Hanna and Her Sisters because he was shooting on this movie.

  13. Firest says:

    Finally able to actually listen to the review.

    Good job on the podcast, and it’s great to hear Katherine back. You mentioned in the review that you and Katherine had also watched Jaws 3-D recently. Will we be hearing that review anytime soon? It was the inspiration for so much of Deep Blue Sea (the Greatest Movie Ever) after all.

  14. Stephen says:

    Revenge of the ninja avalible at best
    enter the ninja and ninja 3 the domination are on
    The playstaion network.

  15. Blondie says:

    Wow! I love Jaws :), but I don’t understand are there 3 diffrent Jaws robots, or did they just fix them every time? Some one help me I’m lost! Thanks!

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