Makin’ Bacon

Load up your kangaroo-shootin’ rifle, because Razorback is the Greatest Movie EVER!

Click on the movie poster or the title above to download our review of the film, featuring Katherine the Great.

Review in a Nutshell:  At times strangely psychedelic, Razorback is a “killer critter” horror film with some strange artistic flourishes and a rather immobile giant boar puppet.  As Katherine says, this one falls somewhere in between Jaws and Jaws: The Revenge in terms of quality.

This movie contains:

Grandpa RAGE!

Typical Australian Hospitality.

There’s a giant rampaging boar hidden somewhere in this picture.  Can you spot it?



  1. Firest says:

    Ah yes, Razorback. AKA, “Well, we’ve seen everything else on the supermarket video rental shelves”, and “Hey, it’s that guy from Trapper John M.D.”

    I have dim memories of renting this one on a night when I had nothing else to do, and I do mean nothing else. I can’t wait to hear if it’s aged as well as I imagine it has.

  2. Ian says:

    All I neeed to see was the title and the artful poster depicting a boar and I started laughing kind of like a maniac.

  3. Eduardo M. says:

    Katherine shouldnt sell herself short. I don’t think in a situation like this she’d be the obnoxoius girl no cares about getting eaten. She strikes me more as a Ripley type who’d grab the nearest shotgun and go make some ham for dinner.

    And if its fate that she should become boar chow, I am confident she’d be tough enough to make that damm piggy have to work for every hit he gets in. And teh scars he’ll get for Katherine’s valiant efforts will remind him of how he had to earn his dinner DAMMIT!!

    (I need to go write a manly action movie.)

  4. Tim Eldred says:

    Thanks, Paul! Now I can share one of my favorite stories with everyone. Years ago I was leafing through a TV Guide looking for something to kill time, and I came across this writeup for Razorback:


    If I ever meet the guy who wrote that, I’ll buy him dinner.

  5. Eduardo M. says:

    wow. So does this mean there are other Man-Eating Hog movies out there and that they are nowhere near the level of quality that is Razorback.

    Should I be scared that is proof of the nonexistence of a loving Creator Being?

  6. Keith says:

    There’s a recent Korean movie called Chaw, I think, which is a giant pig on the rampage movie. Haven’t seen it yet.

    Paul, did you see the documentary on the Australian exploitation film industry that came out a few years ago? I still haven’t caught it, but it’s supposed to be pretty awesome.

  7. vichussmith says:

    OK, this bugs me every time I hear it. The last time I recorded something and there was a failure on my computer was probably 10 years ago. I used this program called total recorder and I was able to salvage my recording because there was a temp file of that audio saved.

    Years later and stuff just goes bye bye, no temp file, no auto save? What’s up?

  8. gooberzilla says:

    Keith, I haven’t seen that documentary yet, but it’s on the Netflix streaming service, I think.

    Vichussmith, no computer was involved in the recording. I pressed the record button on my portable digital audio recorder, then accidentally touched a button on the side of the device that acts as both “Play” and “Pause”. There was no temp file to recover, because there was no actual recording taking place while it was paused.

  9. vichussmith says:

    Wow, OK, so it’s TOTALLY your fault. 🙂

  10. oktayne says:

    Rocky actually came out in ’76….if anyone actually cares by now.

    N.B. The doco Keith mentioned is called “Not Quite Hollywood”.

  11. heathdon says:

    G’day Gents

    Being a fellow Aussie I am familiar with Mr Mulchahy’s output. He started doing music videos-Duran Duran and such and then did Highlander.

    I remember watching the local variety show”s version of the gong show when Russell turned up to promote Razorback and the voice over guy. An old friend I think, tore the concept of the movie to shreds and had Russel in tears of laughter.

    To get more out of the clip you need to know what a Bush-Pig is:

    I cannot access youtube at work so I hope the link is right.

    If not keywords are Red Faces, Hey hey it’s saturday.

    Really funny stuff.

    The 70s doco is called Not quite hollywood and it is great.

    Some oz movies of that time to look out for among many: Patrick, Turkey Shoot, The Man from Hong Kong, dead end drive in and the greatest horror movie ever(tongue in cheek)- Houseboat horror!

    Hope this gives as many laughs as your podcasts have given me.


  12. heathdon says:

    Sorry the you tube link didn’t work, Try Hey Hey It’s Saturday Red Faces Russel Mulchahy Razorback.

    Sorry about that.

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