Screw you, Moon!

Grab your glowing walnuts, because Message from Space is the Greatest Movie EVER!

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Review in a Nutshell:  Space walnuts.  Lizard men.  Silver-skinned villains.  Blowing up the moon.  Space hot-rodding in space-dragsters.  What the heck did I just watch? 

This movie contains:

Drunken Vic Morrow.

Lizard Men with Whips.

Racist Robots.

This movie no longer contains:

The Moon.  (Take that, Moon!)


This was the expression on my face while watching this film.


  1. C. Sobieniak says:

    That’s my expression too! Pretty much sums it all up!

  2. Eduardo M. says:

    huh?! what?? am I actually seeing this or am I tripping?

  3. lee pendu says:

    I would think the “hot rodding” teens were referencing Lucas’ AMERICAN GRAFFITI …
    and I wonder what cut of STAR WARS the makers of MESSAGE FROM SPACE saw.. Luke had a group of friends, he meets in Anchorhead ..kinda like the group becomes in MESSAGE FROM SPACE
    to see the cut scene
    enjoyed the podcast as always

  4. Captain Genius says:

    Hell yes!
    Message from Space!

  5. Eduardo M. says:

    I seem to remember watching this when I was 10/11 years old. At least, I THINK this is what I saw. I remember the ship and I remember the bad guy and his mom had metal-looking faces. The rest is a blur. A part of me wants to watch this to see if my memory gets jogged and another part is telling me not to. I confused very much

  6. Kevin Lauderdale says:

    OMG! I have memories of seeing this in theaters in the U.S. in 1978. Until now I thought those were false memories – fever dreams because I couldn’t recall the title of the film. Now it’s all coming back to me.

    Side note: “The Time Machine” (2002) does feature the destruction of the moon. But there is was an accident (miners drilling too deep), not a malevolent force.

  7. Keith says:

    All I remember from Swords of the Space Ark is the ape guy saying, “Love those banana daiquiris!”

    Dr. Gori will forever be the universe’s greatest ape

  8. Firest says:

    It was a bit surprising to hear that this movie was in heavy rotation on TV at one point, as I can honestly say I’ve never seen it or even heard of it prior to this podcast.

  9. Gazebo in the Maze says:

    Thank you so much, Paul. I found your five star podcast six months ago and you’ve helped me discover or re-discover so many fantastic movies including this undeniably greatest magical walnut/sexual slavery to a lizard man movie ever. Great chemistry and banter with Patrick Macias.

  10. guyalice says:

    Wow. Just watched this on Instant Play right after listening to this, and it was beyond amazing. Thanks, Paul and Patrick!

  11. I am hurt and sad that I wasn’t brought in on this, as it is one of my most favorite movies of all time! I saw it in theaters back in ’78, I endured much ridicule for loving it. I would totally cosplay as Gen. Garuda.

    and the chick was hot. HOT.

    If only there was a legit R1 release! Come on! The Green Slime got released via Warner Archives! Hell, even Crack in the World got a release via Paramount’s MOD contractor Olive Films! FREE MESSAGE FROM SPACE!!

  12. A point that gets missed all the time with this film. The Gavanas and the Jelusians are part of the same race, as was Prince Hans. It was using the ‘warring states’ period as it’s underlying ‘cultural context’.

    Think ‘Firefly’ and the whole American Civil War ‘cultural context’storytelling.

  13. Mark Edwards says:

    Ha the lizard man is from one of the old battlestar galactica shows . Ill have to rewatch that to figure out which one .

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