Aim for the Nerve Cluster!

Get ready to abuse some innocent fishmen, because ARENA is the Greatest Movie EVER!

Click on the movie cover or the title above to download our review of the film, featuring Sean “Hollywood” Hunting.

Review in a Nutshell:  Did you see that guy just punch that giant rubber space lizard in the face?  Did you?  BECAUSE I SURE DID!


  1. Zomg! It is about fracking time! I love this movie ever since I saw a bad recording of it in my Dad’s VHS collection!

  2. Yeah, availability is a strong consideration with me before I review something, even something as fun as Arena. If there’s no legit way to watch it, it’s hard for me to recommend it to people. Thankfully, Netflix’s streaming service has saved the day again.

  3. Just because I think its funny I’m going to comment without having listened to the podcast yet again. But I love this flick! It’s Sci-Fi meets the tournament film, outer space kumite!

  4. Quark is not the only Star Trek actor running around this movie. Rogar is played by the same guy who played Gul Dukat in DS9. Shorty is played by Hamilton Camp, who played a ferengi named Leck in a couple of DS9 episodes. Camp was also Launchpad McQuack on Ducktales

  5. Wasn’t this movie already reviewed? Wasn’t Flash Gorden reviewed twice?

  6. I knew someone was going to give me grief for that. I actually recorded myself correctly saying “cantina” afterwards, but it didn’t flow as well in the editing, so I left the mispronunciation in.

    And no, Arena was not reviewed already and Flash Gordon was only reviewed once. I’m convinced people must imagine that I’ve covered certain films that I haven’t covered yet, because I sometimes get compliments for reviewing movies I haven’t featured yet.

  7. sounds like there’s some timey-wimey business going on.

    to the TARDIS!!!!

  8. I’ve never seen this one, but like other movies you’ve reviewed that I’d never seen, now I want to hunt down a copy.

  9. I’m a HUGE Who-fan Edmund. Maybe Goob and I should do a podcast on the TV movie.

  10. YES!!!!

    Make it happen Paul, you can get it through Netflix, not through instant watch though!

  11. No, I know what I’m missing. I just don’t care. USF’s public access TV station used to play episodes of Dr. Who all the time, and then as now I would be grinding my teeth, waiting for Red Dwarf to come on. Dr. Who has never sparked my interest. I don’t care if Neil Gaiman’s writing it. It’s not for me.

  12. Before I listened to this podcast and just saw the movie poster, I thought, “Is this that movie I remember seeing at the local mom and pop video store in their awesome sci-fi section that I never had the courage to rent?” And after listening to the podcast, I found out it was! I think I’ll check out netflix streaming just so I can watch this and put away that old regret.

  13. Fair, enough, Paul, but that was YEARS ago. Yes, there’s still a time lord and a police box and all that, but it’s “Under New Management” Does that not count for anything? I saw a brief glimpse of the first Doctor Who series when Sci-fi was still Sci-fi. It looked odd to me, but when the new series came around, I gave it a go.

  14. I recently watched this on Netflix. I have to say it did nothing for me. The problem was that it wasn’t corny enough. Some of the rubber aliens were good, but it felt very average overall. Needs a good rifftrax.

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