Skeletons in the Closet: The Screaming Skull

Pack up the peacocks, because The Screaming Skull is the Greatest Movie EVER!

Click on the movie poster or the title above to download our review of the film, featuring the return of the Mistress of Malapropisms.

(This episode is part of a cross promotional theme month for The Mysterious Order of the Skeleton Suit.)

Review in a Nutshell:  Make sure your life insurance policy is up to date and notify your next of kin, because The Screaming Skull just might frighten you to death!

This movie contains:




Normal Wife.

Skeleton Wife.


  1. i saw this movie on TV as a confused child, but there’s something I have to say when I listened to this podcast: Did they remade this movie or something like three years ago? I wanna know.

  2. gooberzilla says:

    According to IMDB, there was a short film made in 2008 with the same title. However, that version is a period piece based off of the original Scottish folk legend, which in turn was the basis for the 1906 short story that the 1958 film version was based off of.

  3. mctron says:

    mom yes mom finally mom is back

  4. mctron says:

    Also I have been looking for robot monster for ever that and the forbidden Ice pirates. Where can I find them legally.

  5. Eduardo M. says:

    Admit it Paul, you were trying to scare your MOM to death.

  6. timeliebe says:

    Welcome back, Mom! Sorry it had to be this film, and not one more worthy of you – but Paul’s always been perverse that way…. 😉

  7. Chris Sobieniak says:

    I remember this from MST3K back in the late 90’s when SciFi Channel was running the last few seasons of the show. It was fronted by the Gumby short “Robot Rumpus”, rather unique since the later SciFi Channel seasons hardly had any shorts included in the episodes due to the longer running times of the films used and not enough material to work from, so it was a nice little treat to go along with the insurance that we may get a coffin if we didn’t make it towards the end of the film!

  8. mctron says:

    avgn covered this movie like a week or two ago

  9. Firest says:

    Awesome to hear from Mom again! Hope to hear more from her in the future.

    I can’t say much about the movie, as I doubt I ever saw it. At first I thought I might have, but then I realized the movie I was thinking of starred Vincent Price.

  10. qualtinger says:

    I know you don´t much appreciate suggestions for movies in the comment section of other movies.
    Having said that, there are so many great Schwarzenegger flicks still left, just begging to be reviewed, Predator and Red Heat being the most obvious candidates in my opinion.

    Thanks for the podcast & cheerio!

  11. the gooberzilla’s right Tsurugi. same name, but different story. REMEMBER THAT NOW.


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