No Breakfast Cereal for You, Gillman!

Charge up the Aqualungs, because Creature from the Black Lagoon is the Greatest Movie EVER!

Click on the poster or the movie title above to download our review of the film, featuring Sean “Hollywood” Hunting.

Review in a Nutshell:  Originally a gimmicky 3D horror film, Creature from the Black Lagoon has aged surprisingly well, taking on layers of environmental allegory as newer generations interpret the film.  The special effects and underwater photography are especially strong, but don’t discount the human drama or the sad, lonely state of the movie’s persecuted monster.



  1. Kevin Lauderdale says:

    “a terrifying, slavering beast on the other side, separated from you only by a thin pane of glass.”

    Thanks, Paul. Now how am I supposed to get to sleep tonight? 😉

  2. Nancy says:

    Love the podcast! As a nerdy Marine Biologist, I can tell you that there is actually a drug that we use to sedate/paralyze fish. We put it in the water with them and they relax and start to float. We use it so we can move them without hurting them. The drugs don’t affect people (at least through the skin, I’ve never eaten any); and once the fish are put back in water without the drugs they recover very quickly. Nerdness over.

  3. joseph l rocha says:

    love this podcast episode, been a huge fan of universal monster films from frankenstein to the wolf man and even today, i still watch them on netflix and even the invisible man has some humor and i am hoping i can get them on dvd as my collection.

  4. Keith says:

    Bully for the old monsters!

    I remember being in middle school when this aired for the first time on TV in 3D. It was a huge event. Had to go down to the local Convenient Food Mart to pick up the 3D glasses (I think you got a school textbook cover with them too). We had a slumber party and everything to watch the movie. The 3D is about as good as you’d expect from an old movie on broadcast TV before cable. Still, a tremendous amount of fun.

    Always been a Frankenstein kid myself, but the Gillman is pretty tops.

  5. timeliebe says:

    Paul/Sean – you do realize that The Creature From The Black Lagoon series is a generation apart from the other classic Universal Monster series you mentioned, yes? Lugosi’s DRACULA and Karloff’s FRANKENSTEIN were both released in 1931, Karloff’s THE MUMMY in 1932, and WEREWOLF OF LONDON (the first “Wolfman” movie, though not starring Lon Chaney, Jr.) in 1935 – whereas CREATURE came out in 1954.

    The classic Universal monsters had been relegated to co-starring with Abbott and Costello a decade before, and it wouldn’t be until Hammer re-imagined them beginning with THE CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN in 1957 and DRACULA (US Name, THE HORROR OF DRACULA) a year later that they became relevant again.

  6. RachelPandich says:

    This was the perfect classic monster movie to do. Everyone knows some version of the others. Creature doesn’t get enough play time or love. ❤

  7. Robert says:

    What is the name of the drug?

  8. Solid MUldoon says:

    The Gill Man is my absolute favorite of the old monsters.

  9. Solid MUldoon says:

    One of my favorite childhood memories is of visiting Silver Springs and seeing where so many cool movies were shot.

    I grew up in Memphis, then spent many years in central Florida, so the new wildlife there wasn’t as much of a shock to me as it must have been to you Yankees, but it was a shock. Having to run off the gator that was sunning in the parking lot behind my car was an interesting experience. Lizards stuck to my windows. Giant Herons flying over me from behind and making me dive for cover. Flying roaches the size of Volkswagons.

    I have no problem at all with remakes. After all, The Maltese Falcon was a remake. If they suck, they suck. So what? The original is still there.

    Creature could make for a great remake, but I can’t imagine how any CGI or special effect could beat Rico in the suit. Dude should have won an Oscar.

  10. Jung-ho says:

    The stinger for this episode was hilarious

    I imagine if they did do a remake it’d be Doug Jones

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