Guest Spot on The Info Zombie Podcast!

Hey, everyone.  Carl Boehm of The Info Zombie invited me to talk about John Carpenter’s Halloween and the challenges of horror literature.

CLICK HERE or on the graphic above to check it out.

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  1. Ryan Drouillard says:

    Alway like it when we get to hear Paul’s literary analysis than than the goofiness that GME is famous for (even though I love the goofiness).

    While I’m not that big on the horror genre, its nice to hear some deep insight into it. One thing I would like to bring up is when Paul made the point about Michael Myers killing being of a sexual nature. I would say that it is not necessarily unique to this movie. I’m not sure about Slasher movies, but in real life most (if not all) serial killing is of a sexual nature. Even if there is not an overt sexual theme to slasher movies, the very idea of the ‘final girl’ is sexual in nature. As I understand the killers are usually men stalking and threatening a young woman. Even if the killer doesn’t want anything sexual from the woman, the audience is still able to infer the undertone.

    Another thing I found Interesting is that Paul doesn’t like George RR Martin. I totally see where he’s coming from, A Song of Ice and Fire is so repressively grim and dark, I can see it being a turn off. I happen to see that grim, dark tone as quite realistic to the world that Martin created. I think many fan do probably like the ‘anyone can die’ unpredictability of the series. But, like I said, I do see where Paul is coming from. I found myself going whole books just hoping something good would happen to one character.

    P.S. Why when people talk about Carpenter films, they never bring up my favourite: Escape from New York?

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