It Came from Bronson Canyon!


Mix up the DDT, because Earth vs the Spider is the Greatest Movie EVER!

Click on the DVD cover or the title above to download our review of the film, featuring the return of M.O.M..

Review in a Nutshell:  Combining nature footage of an adorable tarantula with some rather rough matte effects, Earth vs the Spider is a cheesy horror movie from the 1950s that nevertheless has a certain charm. Giant invertebrates on the rampage were a common theme back then.

This movie contains:


Giant Spiders.


This Lady.


“Who’s callin’ Hugo?”



  1. How about “Mom’s Online Messages” (as I sincerely doubt that she is getting allot by Snail Mail)?

    I am glad to see her return as she is entertaining, and I hope that she gets some R&R after playing the doting grandmother and making sure there is a next generation of “The Greatest Movie Ever” although by then it will probably involve telepathy or group mind, or surgically embedded smartphones, or maybe a version of iTunes that finally works.

  2. Ryan Drouillard says:

    You did Bloodsport, but I understand the confusion. Kickboxer is the unofficial sequel/remake.

  3. gooberzilla says:

    I see where my confusion came from. Kickboxer is another one of the lost podcasts. Sean and I took two cracks at it a few years ago, and neither worked out.

  4. I am a fan of M.O.M. as her observations on most things are delightful in their earnestness. Also, I always feel weird suggesting movies to you because I hate feeling like the only time that we ever talk is related about the podcast.

  5. timeliebe says:

    or maybe a version of iTunes that finally works

    Hey, hey now, wolvenspectre! That’s just crazy talk….

  6. Solid MUldoon says:

    Welcome back, Mom! II missed your sexy voice.

  7. timeliebe says:

    MOM can do better than that tiny “Male Sac” that Sean has dangl – OH! It’s not that?

    How about “MOM’s Fan Mail” instead, then? Much classier.

  8. Jennifer says:

    I can’t handle spiders, not even in black and white!

    Welcome back MOM – you are braver than me 🙂 Next movie please hehehe

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