Swinging on a Star

Coming from a time when cappuccino was an unknown thing, Hudson Hawk is the Greatest Movie EVER!

Click on the DVD cover or the title above to download our review of the film,

featuring Sean “Hollywood” Hunting.

Review in a Nutshell: An R-rated adventure-comedy that vacillates between cartoonish violence and realistic brutality, Hudson Hawk is a movie that feels like a throwback to earlier heist films on one hand, yet was also seems at least ten years ahead of its time with its tale of Da Vinci conspiracy, mobsters, singing cat-burglars, and frothy Italian coffee drinks.


  1. Ed says:

    Good stuff. I read the script and the butler evidently was supposed to have a few lines of dialogue talking about how he planned to take over for his employers. Not sure where the war paint came from though. Just one of the goofy things that makes me love this bizarre gem of a movie.

  2. timeliebe says:

    Wow – I thought this movie was horrible when I saw it in theaters! I wonder now if its postmodern touches might not appeal to me more….

  3. sonyceo says:

    “Catch The Adventure, Catch The LAUGHTER, Catch The Hawk”

  4. gooberzilla says:

    The “catch the laughter” version of the ad campaign was a later addition that the studio execs added when the film performed poorly.

  5. Firest says:

    I enjoyed Hudson Hawk when I saw it in the theaters and am glad to not the only one to mystified by the amount of venom that’s been heaped upon it over the years.

  6. timeliebe says:

    When I saw it in theaters, Firest, its tonal shifts just didn’t work for me, its villains were too campy for how evil they were, the plot was a mess, and it played to Bruce Willis’s worst traits as an actor (a sort of winking smugness that was one reason I hated MOONLIGHTING!).

    Maybe a couple decades’ distance would change my mind on some of that – but I’ve never cared enough about anybody involved to find out….

  7. Firest says:

    [shrugs] I’m not saying Hudson Hawk is the best movie I’ve ever seen, but it’s an enjoyable popcorn movie that’s flaws never justified the inexplicably overwhelming hate levied against it.

  8. David says:

    I can understand people who dislike this movie, but what I don’t get is the people who feel ashamed for liking it. I love Hudson Hawk, and feel no regret for it.

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