Karate Invasion! Fly, Two Horns, Fly!


Monitor your processor run times, because Appleseed: Alpha is the Greatest Movie EVER!

Click on the Bluray cover or the title above to download our review of the film, featuring Dave and Joel from Fast Karate for the Gentleman.

Review in a Nutshell: Appleseed: Alpha has excellent visual design and some good character moments, but a weak antagonist, a derivative plot, and far too little action. Still, it has cyborgs driving things, so A+ / 5 Stars / Would Buy from Again.

Final Thought:


Oh, Two Horns. You so crazy.


  1. timeliebe says:

    I feel old – I saw the original APPLESEED back in the day, and felt very hip laughing at the police tossing canisters of “GES”, and the deliberate “Fifteening” of a fairly bloodless and fully-clothed anime with the obsessive inclusion of swearing at the drop of a hat in the dub!

  2. zerolightimageaccumulator says:

    Oh man, did my comment about the spider gun platforms didn’t reach you in time on Facebook? It really sums up my problem with the Appleseed movies, that Aramaki thinks that the “gotta save the world” plots, epitomized by the gun platforms, is the only way to tell the Appleseed story. It’s funny because everyone I know who likes Appleseed really got into it with the “future SWAT” police procedural stuff and not the “gotta save the world” plot.

  3. Well, there’s one less movie on my radar. I noticed AWO already podcasted on Captain Harlock last month. It seems to me Kawajiri likes to make popcorn movies (any way possible), no matter what script he takes on or budget is given to him (obviously Toei paid dearly for their Harlock film, but they got what they paid for).

  4. RJ Bubel says:

    DAVE AND JOEL FAST KARATE FOR THE GENTLEMEN!!!!!! Power up with GME’s The Great Gooberzilla to save Christmas with a new Appleseed MOVIE!!!

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