Cavemen with Laser Rifles, Pew Pew.


Hold on to your fur boots and your flint ax-heads, because Yor: The Hunter from the Future is undeniably The Greatest Movie EVER!

Click on the movie poster or the title above to download our review of the film, featuring Katherin the Great.

Review in a Nutshell: A zany mash-up of post-apocalyptic and prehistoric films, Yor: The Hunter from the Future is buoyed up by the charming performance of Reb Brown as a futuristic caveman with perfect hair and a winning smile. Also included are lethal robots, savage tribes, and giant rubber dinosaurs.


The infamous hang-gliding scene.


  1. timeliebe says:


  2. Oli Bulmer says:

    Perhaps shamefully, I had first heard of Yor through Noah Antwiler’s ancient video reviews (back when I considered myself a follower of his stuff) albeit this was way back in 2008 when I was 15 and hungry for any Italian exploitation fun so I took what I could get in terms of being pointed in the right direction.

    Either way, Yor is lovable fantasy fluff; not quite my favourite Marghereti film (that may be Cobra Mission aka Operation ‘Nam) but fairly close. Definitely Killer Crocodile levels of good though. 🙂

  3. Dave G says:

    Thanks for reviewing this – i think i recommended it about a year ago.
    Does this mean you’ll forgive Margheriti for Stranger and the Gunfighter? And did you notice the The Overlord is the same actor as Jaffar from the Lou Ferrigno Sinbad?

    Oh, and those big phallic rocks are all real; Yor was shot in the Cappadocia region of Turkey.

  4. ZeonicFreak says:

    I guess if your gonna look at Reb Brown other works, theres the Strike Commando movie, RoboWar and those 70’s Captain America movies. Which… all were reviewed by Noah Antwiller, which is how I found out about this Reb Brown guy a few years ago. His reviews on those films is actually I think his best stuff before he goes downhill.

  5. Vicente Serrano says:

    Well one of those cool movies I watched on the old days of VHS, it was based on an Italian comic book and the movie is an edited version of a TV miniseries done for Italian TV… I should rewatch it just to remind myself that Yor is still “The Man”!

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