‘Rhamphorhynchus’ Is Hard to Pronounce


Strap on your scuba gear, because Legend of Dinosaurs and Monster Birds is the Greatest Movie EVER!

Click on the movie poster or the title above to download our review of the film, featuring M.O.M., the Mistress of Malapropisms.

Review in a Nutshell: A groovy, boozy Seventies movie with a fashionably hard-boiled geologist protagonist and a pair of completely inert giant “dinosaurs”, Legend of Dinosaurs and Monster Birds was allegedly the most expensive science fiction film yet produced by Toei Studios when it premiered in 1977. It’s a baffling little creature feature with lots of symbolic camera-work and questionable wardrobe choices.



“Now, pretend like it’s killing you!”


  1. Seeing that image you used for the ID tag of this podcast, I’m reminded how tacky yet interesting that shirt the woman was wearing as she was being eating looked. Wonder where I could find that nowadays?

    I first became aware of this film roughly 23 years ago, as a local station aired it one night out of nowhere. It bugged me then and it still bugs me today!

    This is basically the same dub used in the “Sandy Frank” distributed version under the shorten title “Legend of the Dinosaurs”. I see King Features Entertainment apparently syndicated this along with other Sandy Frank pickups like the Daiei Gamera flicks, complied TV stuff such as “Fugitive Alien” and “Time of the Apes” and whatever else was available on the cheap. These movies were a staple of UHF stations like KTMA, who of course used these films for the infant “Mystery Science Theater 3000”. It holds the disctinction of being the finale of the show’s fateful first year on the air.

    These same movies also landed on VHS from Celebrity Home Entertainment, who sometimes mistakenly stuck in the “Just for Kids” logos on these videos despite labeling these as “Creature Features” on the box. Can’t find a better copy of the box online, but this YouTube video is all you need to see (thanks Noel)!

  2. Dave G says:

    If anyone’s really desperate, the entire movie is currently on Youtube.

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