Anaconda is the Greatest Movie EVER (involving a Giant Snake).


0 Minutes, 36 Seconds In ~ 5 Minutes, 23 Seconds In:

It’s mail-call, yo.


8 Minutes, 0 Seconds In:

J-Lo. She’s TPBSM. (Too Pretty to Be a Scientist.)


9 Minutes, 0 Seconds In:

Jon Voight, the Star of this Picture?


11 Minutes, 25 Seconds In:

“I am sooooooooo relaxed.”


13 Minutes, 28 Seconds In:

The REAL Star of this Picture.


15 Minutes, 52 Seconds In:

Ice Cube is the Baddest Man on the Planet.



`Nuff said.


  1. Some day, you will be reviewing my own DTV movie, Cobra-Shark vs. Croco-Lion. As soon as the Sci-Fi Channel gives me funding, I’m telling you will be the greatest snake-shark-crocodile-lion movie ever.

  2. Keith, if such a film existed as Cobra-Shark vs. Croco-Lion, I can guarantee that I would own two copies. One for me, one for my Doppelganger.

    As for the “good” Mortal Kombat, isn’t all Mortal Kombat “good” Mortal Kombat, in some sense? Wait, don’t answer that question.

    Yes, Dave, that screen-cap is actually from Ghosts of Mars. I was waiting for someone to notice that. You get kudo points for pointing that out first; I was so sure that Daryl would comment on that, since he too is in love with Ice Cube and his chromed machine pistols, but you beat him to the punch.

    I suspect Ice Cube had a chromed pistol in Anaconda, but he kept it stowed with his luggage, since he didn’t need it to take on two 60-foot, man-eating snakes…

  3. Ice Cube never actually needs a gun. He can kick anyone and anything’s butt simply by sneering at it. He uses the guns to make us feel better about ourselves.

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