Merry Flippin’ Christmas!

Although Mortal Kombat is still Coming Soon, in the mean time (pun-intended) Santa’s Slay is the Greatest Movie EVER!


I’m sure everyone can see now how I could get these two movies confused…


1 Minutes, 51 Seconds In:

Goldberg is one Bad Santa.


2 Minutes, 55 Seconds In:

In addition to the Hell Deer, Santa’s sleigh also has rocket-boosters.


10 Minutes, 10 Seconds In:

Seriously, don’t you see the resemblance?


And with that, we here at the Greatest Movie EVER Podcast wish you Happy Holidays and Feliz Navidad. Until next time, adios amigos!



  1. Mozesh says:

    Dear Chapping-man, might I ask you if you are using new kinds of recording software and/or hardware?

  2. Gooberzilla says:

    I’m using the same combination of software, but I finally figured out how to use the Compressor feature.

    Why, does it sound better? Or worse?

  3. Mozesh says:

    It sounds a lot more crisp, I think it ‘s definitely an improvement.

    I have never seen Santa’s Slay… now I’m sad D:

  4. Chris Mounce says:

    Santa’s Slay was a fun little movie. Have you seen that Finnish flick Rare Exports? Could be another GME Christmas classic.

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