Test Your Might.

Mortal Kombat is the Greatest Movie EVER. Go out and buy a copy. Heck, buy two: one for you, and one for your Sweet Baboo.


5 Minutes, 0 Seconds In:

Yeah, he looks like a Chinese god to me…


7 Minutes, 15 Seconds In:

Am I hot?

Or not?


14 Minutes, 47 Seconds In:

Tom Dickens, Ravager of Souls!


19 Minutes, 9 Seconds:

I can think of worse ways to die…


Why Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa deserves an Academy Award:

Something involving dinosaurs and time travel, something involving Flying Guillotines, or something involving Uwe Boll. ONLY TIME WILL TELL!


  1. Mozesh says:

    I’ve seen mortal kombat a few years ago and I don’t remember that much of it. Didn’t it have Jax in it, if so why didn’t you mention him!?
    He was totally my favorite character, who doesn’t love a huge black man with metallic arms?

  2. Gooberzilla says:

    You’re actually thinking of the sequel, Mortal Kombat: Annihilation. Jax has a brief cameo in the original Mortal Kombat, but he does not yet have metallic arms and is therefore not worth mentioning.

    Mortal Kombat: Annihilation shall be the subject of a future podcast. I leave it to your imagination as to whether it will be Greatest or Worst. (^_^)

  3. Steve Harrison says:


    “Finish him!”


    years back at Suncoast it was a REALLY dog day..nothing was happening, mall was dead…one of the guys had thrown in Mortal Kombat into the instore play VCR (we didn’t get a DVD player until 2002. another sign of how behind the curve corporate was) and I walked in to start my shift just as someone’s theme started up.

    Naturally, I paused and preened as if it was my entrance music. Causing my co-workers to bust out laughing and making the day a little better.

    I think everyone should have an entrance theme. But so too did Bill Cosby think so.

    Another great podcast. and your co-caster isn’t dead weight, she sounds HAWT.

    Wait, did I say that aloud?


  4. Keith says:

    Which one had the scene where flaming ninjas rain down from the tumultuous sky? I think that was the second one.

    I’m glad you guys picked on the thing where he falls for the “I’m your brother” thing — they do that all the time in movies, and I constantly get annoyed. Paul WS Anderson pulled it in Event Horizon as well, in even more irritating fashion (or at least as irritating), because after Larry Fishburne gives this long speech about how the ghosties will appear as lost loved ones or whatever, and you should be smart enough to know these people wouldn’t randomly pop up in space, he then goes on TO FALL FOR THE EXACT TRICK HE JUST WARNED PEOPLE ABOUT!!!

    And if you want to experience Keith Cooke in all his unmasked hotness, you’ll have to sit through “China O’Brien” starring Cynthia Rothrock. He has a pretty big role in that and kicks a lot of rednecks in the face.

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