Dream of a Blind Ninja (Not Zatoichi)

The Greatest Movie EVER!

This is perhaps the Greatest Movie Poster EVER made,

and Blind Fury is the Greatest Movie EVER!

This movie contains:

2000 Flushes?

Highly Addictive Toilet Cleaner.

Aw, he's sad.

Crying Freemen?


“Tex” Cobb, a King among Henchmen.


Haute Cuisine.

Not in the face!

“This is how blind people say hello…”



I smell a theme month…


  1. I see that you removed my comments about Rutger Hauer playing a bioroid in some terrible movie named Blade Runner. Well played.

  2. While Blind Fury may be the Greatest Movie EVER, it is not the greatest Rutger Hauer movie ever.

    That prize is taken by Split Second.

  3. How dare you not mention that Terry O’Quinn was General Santiago in Harsh Realm, Peter Watts in Millenium, and was Admiral Pressman in that ST:TNG episode, “The Pegasus”.

    Oh, and I think he has this small forgettable role on this little known show I think is called Lost.

  4. One of my fave Rutget Hauer movies is also one of the more overlooked ones: The Blood of Heroes, where Hauer plays the captain of a post-apocalyptic sports team.

    No, really.

  5. Things that were not discussed enough on this podcast:

    1. Katana Heino – this is partially excusable by virtue of the fact that I had to enlighten you to the existence of the poster. However:

    2. The poster.

    3. The phrase “only a ninja can stop a ninja,” which is required by federal law to be mentioned any time the subject of Sho Kosugi comes up.

    Blind Fury is best viewed back to back with Showdown in Little Tokyo, which is probably the first/last/only time in American cinema that we got to see an Asian guy got to screw a white chick. I bet even Bruce Lee didn’t get to score with his own wife in Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story.

  6. Contrary to popular belief, it is impossible for me to mention things that I have no a priori knowledge of. I still have no adequate idea what “Katana Heino” is, since I do not possess a symbiotic telepathic link with Daryl Surat…yet. I’ve never watched Harsh Realm or Millenium. I actively avoid Lost, along with anything else in any way associated with JJ Abrams. And I didn’t know of the existence of this particular movie poster until after the podcast had already been recorded. All the other posters I’ve seen of Blind Fury have been ultra-serious in tone, which is what makes the original movie poster all the more amazing.

    Quit pickin’ on me! 😦

  7. The more I stare at the poster, the more I think I should have bought this back in January. My mother introduced me to Rutger Hauer with this film.

    Hey you guys forgot to mention the thumb sucking bit when one of the eejits who cuts himself on the katana stick makes the waitress suck the blood off his thumb! There’s hidden meaning in that scene! YOU KNOW I’M RIGHT!!!

  8. While Blood of Heroes is the greatest movie ever (second only to Split Second) the fact that it stars the indescrible acting talents of Joan Chen causes people to scour it from their minds in defence of their sanity.

  9. I’ve said it once and I will say it again until it sinks in: Rutger Hauer is an under appreciated bad@$$. If this movie does not prove it then watch Blade Runner and/or Ladyhawke until you see the light.

  10. Daryl, Showdown in Little Tokyo only featured Dolph “The Punisher” Lundgren and Tia Carrere in an explicit sex scene. You are probably thinking of Rising Sun, which portrays Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa having sex with Tatjana Patitz.

    Showdown in Little Tokyo can only be paired with Big Trouble in Little China. The same white-chinese buddy formula and similar titles are the compelling factors for this movie pairing.

    In addition, Paul has been too weak in his Dick Cheney model robotic dino-heart to cover them in his podcast.

    A Crossworlds reference!

  11. I just watched Rutget Hauer in “Redline,” where he plays a tired dead guy out to look at boobies and kill Mark Dacascos. It’s probably the greatest movie EVER.

    And that poster reminds me of the posters for Full Moon Studios’ kids’ films. I expect to see some grinning little mop top behind Rutger.

    And Blood of Heroes: the game is all about slamming a dog skull onto a spike. That alone makes it the greatest movie EVER.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to watch “Crusade of Vengeance,” which stars…hey, what do you know! Rutger Hauer.

  12. I hope that “Space is the Place” (1974) starring Sun Ra fits into this month. It’s the greatest movie ever.

  13. What’s with the weird WMP visualizaton avatars next to everyone’s names?

  14. I watched this movie on the Sci-fi Channel a few years ago…It was funny and fun to watch…like you said in the episode I did forget scenes…

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