Eeeper’s Going to Kill Me.

The Greatest Movie EVER!Lay off the Irish jokes, because Gorgo is the Greatest Movie EVER!

This movie contains:

Gorgo, AKA Irish Godzilla

Irish Godzilla.

Actually Bill Travers.

Steven Seagal!?! (Not really.)

Cannons go boom.

Military Stock Footage.

That kid looks terrified.

Greasers greeting a Flaming Doom.



  1. Eduardo M. says:

    Thanks Goob. You’re disscussion on Grammer gave me nightmare flashbacks to that class we took in FIU. I hope you don’t mind payng for the therapy.

    Secondly, I agree with MOM, the sound effects were cool. i miss the Wilheim Scream and the laugh of the Doppleganger. BRING BACK TH SOUND EFFECTS!!! BRING BACK THE SOUND EFFECTS!! BRING BACK THE SOUND EFFECTS!!!! ATTICA!! ATTICA!! ATTICA!!!! ATTICA!!!

  2. Eeeper says:

    OK, so I’ve had time to listen to the show.


    First of all the Irish word for Monster is ollphéist but it’s not really something we’d use. It’s probably because we’ve no real experience with 40-foot Irish Godzilla’s. Need to talk with people from Tokyo about this…

    Second, my mother and I are pleased that you’ve been paying attention in Geography class 🙂

    Finally the promo was not enough to appease me!!! I demand satisfaction! I demand a spot on GMEP for Darby O’Gill and The Little People! Only then will the gods be quietened!!!!

    You know I’m right!

  3. Eduardo M. says:

    I had no idea “quietened” was a word. I’ll have to find an excuse to use it in a sentence now.

  4. Keith says:

    If Gorgo was inspired by the success of, among other things, Godzilla, then turnabout proved to be fair play. The 1967 Japanese monster film Gappa is essentially a remake of Gorgo.

    Just don’t go out and confuse this movie with Mighty Gorga.

  5. Andrew says:

    Man, I was waiting for this. Waiting, for Gorgo.

  6. Firest says:

    Great podcast, I always enjoy it when the GME gives an older classic it’s proper due.

  7. DensityDuck says:

    I don’t like the sound effects, they’re pretty silly and I’m glad you took them out.


    What is it about UK podcasters and odd music beats? Starship Sofa does the same thing.

  8. Luke Meighan says:

    Gorgo is awesome! Gives me herpes every time I watch it. This and the original King Kong are the BEST.

  9. Jeff says:

    Is Bill Travers Steavel Seagal’s biological father? I just saw him in Storm over Jamaica and Stegal looks like his clone.

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