Freddy Mercury Leaps into Action!

Fuhgeddaboutit!  1990: The Bronx Warriors is the Greatest Movie EVER!

Review in a Nutshell: Fred Williamson, Freddy Mercury impersonators, rollerskates, and gang warfare in an Italian produced rip-off of The Warriors, The Road Warrior, and Escape from New York.  It doesn’t get any better than this.

This movie contains:

Pretty Boy Bikers.

Count Chocula.

Fred “Da Hammer” Williamson.

Vic Morrow in a Gestapo get-up.

The Most Terrifying Dance Ensemble in Gangland.


  1. Bob, I don’t know. All the links for the post and the RSS enclosure seem to work fine. It’s possible that your system administrators may have gotten wise to the dino propaganda being espoused here, and it’s possible they may have blocked my site from your workspace. Try downloading from your computer at home, and please tell me if that works.

  2. You guy’s will have to follow this up by reviewing Solar Babies or the Michael Ironside/Molly Ringwald classic Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone.

  3. I’m stunned to see that Spacehunter is actually out on DVD, I’ll have to pick up a copy. It was probably the first movie I ever saw in 3-D, shame that’s not an option on the DVD.

  4. Oops,

    Sorry about that. Some program was messing up my browser.

    *back to lurking w/o ever saying how cool you are*

  5. Paul, you will be proud to know I also own the DVD of the third movie in this series, BRONX EXECUTIONER. It’s the Bronxiest… which is why it is filmed in a vineyard in Italy.

  6. I do what I can.

    And Jeremy — Damn! I didn’t even know there was a third film in the series. I am both ashamed and excited.

  7. I am torn because I think MOM is supercool and I know of no other maternal units out there who would allow their children to subject them to movies that are good, Bad, or headache inducing (I’m looking at YOU, Akira.)

    However, I am also smitten by Katherine’s now all-too-few appearances. I love the back and forth she and Goob engage in.

    What a conundrum.

  8. M.O.M. is definitely the best co-host. She just brings a certain style and point of view to the podcast that you just don’t get anywhere else.

  9. Not a comment specific to this movie, but I’ve
    just gotta suggest you check out “Southland
    Tales.” Screened it for friends a few nights
    ago, and am now in hiding from many of them.
    Stars EVERYONE in a story about prophecies,
    time travel, megazepplins, ice-cream trucks,
    police brutality committed by John Lovitz, and
    the end of the world. Terrifying, and truly
    the greatest movie ever.

  10. I actually know a guy named Trash. The Trash I know is a hard rock performer and he looks like a guy who could kick your @$$. Remind me to send you a picture.

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