Billy Zane in Purple Pants.

Polish up your crystal skulls, because The Phantom is the Greatest Movie EVER!

Review in a Nutshell: Under-appreciated and generally unloved, The Phantom contains just the right blend of adventure, humor, and comic book logic.  Treat Williams steals the show as the villain, Xander Drax.


  1. Ian Strope says:

    A new one! Nice. I was thinking your podcast was becoming a thing of Legend.

  2. Firest says:

    Treat Williams is one of my favorite actors, Deep Rising and his run in the Substitute series should definitely be on the list of movies to be reviewed.

  3. Ian Strope says:

    I’m with you there. Go Werewovles or Wolverines or whatever those kids were called in Substitute 3: Failure is Not an Option.

  4. Eduardo M. says:

    You review in a nutshell should have shown love to Cary Hiroyuki-Tagawa. That and you should tried to put up a screencap of Catherine Zeta-Jones.

  5. I’m detecting what seems to be a code, from the last and this ‘cast header

    So far it’s Mo Pu PA


  6. Andrew says:

    Oh man, I saw this movie in theaters as a kid. I also watched the Peter Chung-eriffic Phantom 2040 cartoon.

  7. Eduardo M. says:

    You may be on to something Steve.I just hope its not some chant to release some ancient horror from before the time when time was time. I hate those things.

  8. Dreg says:

    Your current spider fixation demands that you do an Arachnaphobia podcast in the future.

  9. Keith says:

    It’s a shame the “classic era” comic book movie trend failed so miserably, as I thought it was fun while it lasted. But it seems like the failure of the Phantom, the Rocketeer, and more recent stuff like Sky Captain would suggest that as much as we film nerds love the golden era pulp and comic book aesthetic, no one else does.

    By the same token, my favorite episode of The Tick is the one where they hang out at the old superheroes’ home, listening to stories about fighting The Terror and Joseph Stalin with his deadly Kremlin Dome missiles.

  10. Eduardo M. says:

    Ah yes! thank you Keith for mentioning the Tick’s adventures with Captain Decency and the Decency Squad.

  11. Andrew says:

    Speaking of movies based on old superheroes, any love for the Shadow? It does have a Baldwin.

  12. Firest says:

    Much love for the Shadow here, though I did think it jumped the shark a bit with the Shadow’s secret organization and it’s ridiculous rings.

    The byplay between Baldwin and Penelope Ann Miller was a particular high point.

  13. Eduardo M. says:

    Hate to bring down the party but its been reported that Patrick McGoohan has died.

  14. Firest says:

    It’s been a bad day for nerds. In addition to Number 6, we’ve also lost KHAAAAAAAAN, with Ricardo Montalban dying at 88.

  15. Kidder says:

    Enough of this filler! I declare 2009, the Year of Nic (Cage)!

  16. Jermayn says:

    I also loved the Phantom movie, had some important things missing or twisted but a good job none the less.

    Hears to the rumours of a new Phantom movie…

  17. Kimichi Tsuzuku says:

    Now out on BLU-RAY! (Insert campy villainess laugh) For a more reasonable price than the DVD’s bid price.

    I’m a little disappointed with the low key cover though this one just takes it to another level.

  18. Solid MUldoon says:

    I really love this movie. The mistake they made was going so purple with the costume. The Phantom’s costume was purple in the way Superman’s hair was blue. If they had toned it down and made it gray, people might have taken the movie more seriously.

    Also, I swear that Hugh Laurie is one of the henchmen lurking about when Diana boards the Pan Am Clipper.

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