Cage Rage: Face / Off

Break out the matched pistols, because Face / Off is the Greatest Movie EVER!

Click the poster or the movie title above to download our review of the film, featuring Daryl Surat of AnimeWorldOrder and Ken Nabbe, aka the Internet’s Joey Snackpants.

Review in a Nutshell:  Face / Off is the American film that best showcases John Woo’s eccentricities and directorial flourishes.  Whether that’s a complement or a criticism depends on how you feel about John Woo.

The movie contains:

The Mustache of Champions.

Crazy Cage Face.


A Box of Treasures.

Oh yeah, there’s something about face transplants, too.


  1. Great show, guys! You mentioned Thomas Jane, though, so now you need to review “Give ‘Em Hell, Mallone” as punishment.

  2. On another note, i had no idea there was a website which lists what guns where used in what movies. I must find this website. TELL ME WHERE TO FIND THIS WEBSITE AT ONCE!!!!

  3. When we reviewed this movie for my podcast we argued that the first date he had with his wife would not have resulted in her marrying him. Maybe we missed the point. I do enjoy the Wizard of Oz song during the shoot out to be sure.

  4. On the movie poster, Nicholas Cage’s pupil is incredibly dilated. Maybe he was taking some personation-enhancing drugs?

  5. I didn’t even realize that you guys were paying homage to Face/Off until midway into the podcast. I just thought it was fun to mimic Paul Chapman

    Wow, an Opie and Anthony reference in this podcast? I thought I’d never see the day.

    Well, Daryl, ask and you shall receive. Here is the clip:

  6. Daryl’s impression of Paul makes him sound like Agent Smith.

    On the subject of Troy’s Golden Colts, they popped up in no less than two other Half-Life modifications, aside from Counter-Strike skins: Action Half-Life (I see Action Half-Life 2 does the same thing) and The Specialists. There’s also mods for the Max Payne series, as well.

    For all I know, practically every PC game where you fire a gun at people probably has a mod which gives you Troy’s Golden Colts. And if it doesn’t, somebody will find a way. There’ll always be a way…

  7. Hopefully you guys get around to “The Killer” and “Hard Boiled” one of these days. Daryle called it saying no one fesses up to loving those movies anymore and it’s a crying shame as those two are still kicking ass and takeing names.

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