Cage Rage: The Rock and Con Air

Buckle up for another double-feature, because Con Air and The Rock are the Greatest Movie EVER!

Click on the image or the movie titles above to download our reviews of the films, featuring another invasion from Dave and Joel from Fast Karate for the Gentleman.

Review in a Nutshell:  These films are dumb.  Really, really dumb.  But at least Nicolas Cage has great hair.



  1. Eduardo M. says:

    i have long dreaded this day. The EVIL ONE who substitutes explosions for good writing has leeched his bombastic way into the GME podcast. Guard your souls everyone lest they be sucked out and replaced with cheesy dialogue

  2. movieguy23 says:

    I’m so glad Dave and Joel are back. You and Fast Karate are my two favorite podcasts and I can’t wait to listen to this during my drive tomorrow.

  3. Mandy says:

    (In before the crazy Homestuck fans obsessing over Con Air even though 90% of them have only seen the ending clip.)

    I think the problem with having Dave and Joel on is that they make every terrible thing sound amazing and a must-watch, leading me to watch a lot of excruciatingly bad stuff that isn’t nearly as funny as when they’re talking about it.

  4. What’s to dread? As bad as these films are, we don’t have to actually watch them to enjoy this. Plus Dave and Joel are here, which makes it even more awesome.

    I’m digging these double feature shows.

  5. Juan Sanmiguel says:

    Bay represents everything wrong in American film making. I only saw the second Transformer film just so I can discuss it with authority. (I had hoped the first film would be a decent action film).

    Dave and Joe brought some fun commentary.

  6. Oh, I almost forgot! My favorite thing about Con Air is that the entire movie is a decompressed version of a single scene that was in Judge Dredd only two years prior.

    Also, does anyone else snicker at the irony that Conair also happens to be a company that makes hair care products? Ah, Nicolas Cage’s hair is always going to be the subject of humor.

  7. Eduardo M. says:

    You and I have similar minds Juan. I thought both Transformers-Bay movies were crap and saw them just so I could talk about them and not come off looking like a loser fan boy saying “I refuse to see this because Optimus Prime is the wrong kind of truck”. My complaints come from things i’ve seen after sitting through those twin messes

  8. Dan says:

    Perhaps this crystallizes the year of the Cage ?

  9. Favorite line from “The Rock,” which is better than “Face-Off,” by the way: “Well, yeah, okay, that’s just about the most awful thing I’ve ever seen.”

  10. Railith says:

    Don’t be hating on Homestuck. It perfectly illustrates Paul’s relationship with THE CAGE.

    I also thought that the ending to Con Air was a little bleak with Steve Buscemi free to gamble and murder his way across Nevada.

  11. CHester says:

    I am actually shocked to hear that people don’t like Dave and Joel on this podcast. They’re freakin hilarious and if it were up to me I’d see to it that they guest host here more often. The Conan the Barbarian podcast, the wicker mang, and especially the “ONLY THE STRONG” podcast are some of my favorites. Those 2 guys are great. Dave is silly, Joel is restrained sillyness, and Paul has great chemistry with these two.

    Anyways great show Paul keep it up. You have an excellent podcast and you have at least one loyal fan here.

  12. Totally, dude. I never miss a Dave & Joel podcast, and I totally love it when they show up here. How can you not love them? First of all, they’re not from AWO. (Praiseworthy in itself.) Second, they always spend the better part of an hour saying deadpan things, trying to crack each other up. You have to be a no fun… no-fun-nik not to like these guys. They’re a riot!

  13. Firest says:

    My big issue with the Rock was…THIS is your plan? There’s a line I’ve always loved from another podcast, “If you want money, steal money. Taking a hostage for ransom just adds an extra step.”

    Just how many extra steps is our brilliant general adding here? Steal nerve gas, Steal missiles, invade Alcatraz (taking a dozen or so hostages in the process), threaten SF with missiles loaded with nerve gas…

    I can’t help thinking that a quick trip to a major Columbian bank and a few emails to Wikileaks would have solved most of his problems.

    Also, it’s not that Dave and Joel are bad, it’s just that Mom and Catherine are so much better.

  14. WindUpBird says:

    Love hearing Dave and Joel riffing on The Rock. You three are a podcast dream team.

    I don’t know if you’re done with Cage Rage or not, but if you have an entry left and you haven’t picked it, I’m casting my vote for “Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans.” Werner Herzog, Nicolas Cage, and Nicolas Cage’s hair? You cannot lose.

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