Double Feature: Adamantium (Nerd) Rage


Unsheath those claws, because we’re serving up a double-header of the Greatest Movie EVER!

First, X-men Origins: Wolverine may not be the Greatest Movie EVER, but at least Logan’s hair looks fabulous.

And second, X-men III: The Last Stand will make your inner nerd whimper for mercy.

Click on the movie titles above to download our reviews of the films, featuring a very heart-broken Sean “Hollywood” Hunting.


  1. Ian says:

    Oh X-men III: The Last Stand … why? It’s a movie that would have been better not being made. But you guys make quite a good podcast out of it so that’s something.

  2. Eduardo M. says:

    Ian, that’s like being sorry someone died then making a comment at how at least the food served at the wake was tasty

  3. Zzasrix says:

    I have to be honest, I didn’t hate Origins: Wolverine the first time around (other than Gambit /shiver). Maybe that points to my personal bad taste, but whatever.

    The only thing I have to say about The Last Stand is: God bless you both for enduring a fresh viewing of this to bring us the podcast.

  4. Dreg says:

    The biggest sin the Wolverine committed was taking away the underdog dynamic of the Wolverine character. Boil down Wolverine in the comics to his most appealing elements, and he’s the guy who gets in over his head but keeps on fighting anyway. That’s who he was in his first appearance, and that’s who he should always be. This Wolverine would not agree to get his skeleton coated in adamantium, because that would be admitting that he was incapable of defeating Sabertooth on his own. He is not a man who knows his limitations. /nerdrage.

    That being said, a lot of the plot problems could have been cleaned up if they kept the movie focused on the more interesting relationship: that between Logan and Creed. Instead of having Logan getting the adamantium to kill Creed, Striker should have told him that Creed was captured in a dangerous mission or something, and that the adamantium was the only chance wolverine had of saving him. Then Creed could doublecross him at the end, and it would have had a lot more weight than when “Silverfox” doublecrossed him.

  5. Keith says:

    Before you condemn all of Bolivia for Arclight, remember: Devon Aoki is a supermodel, too. The public is never given a chance to approve or reject who gets called “supermodel.”

  6. gooberzilla says:

    I’ve said it before, but Devon Aoki has a face like a shovel.

  7. Hollywood says:

    Keith: As is so often pointed out to me since starting the podcast, I was wrong.

    Arclight (or Omahyra Mota) is neither Bolivian nor a super model. She is actually, Dominican and a standard fashion model not a super one. Probably not even a good one…This what I get for spouting out facts I haven’t revisited in 5 years.

    She is still really ugly though. I couldn’t hold a whole country in contempt over something like that, especially considering I don’t understand how a lot of American models get work either.

    I’m just saying, my favorite Latin American export is hot ladies, and this skank shouldn’t have gotten past QC!

  8. Eduardo M. says:

    Omahyra Mota is a model?? Tell me the reason I can’t see it is because of her horrible costume as Arclight. Tell me its just a bad costume

  9. Ian says:

    Eduardo M. I will always comment on the quality of good wake food. I mean that’s the reason to go to any wake. hmmm “Wake Food” in another life that’d be the name of my morning radio show and I’d have a morning radio show.

  10. Craig says:

    Re Cyclops: To be fair, he is wasted in all three X-Men films. I forgave it in the first one, but when he got taken out in the second one and disappears for half the flick, I was pissed off.
    Re The Plot: I think you touched on one of the biggest issues when u mentioned what the story was: It was 2 movies done as one, and both were mangled. Do Dark Pheonix or do Mutant Cure, but doing both just makes it crappy.

    I like hearing some modern movies review guys, well done 🙂

  11. Eduardo M. says:

    I will admit I am skeptical aboyt Chris Evans as Cap. he sure looks the part, but I need to hear him speak before I can form a real opinion.

    I should point out that the Fantastic Four movies are not in the same universe as the Cap movie so it should be easier to accept Evans as Cap.

    I think Pippin’s character is suffering from PTSD ala Blob. However, unlike Blob, he’s retreated from the world by picking a place like a carnival. I suspect Sabretooth killed him because unlike Blob, Pippin disappeared and didn’t bother telling anyone where he was or if he’d talk if asked about what went down

  12. vichussmith says:

    Every so often, Paul will pronounce a word in his own Gooberzillish way. That’s not how you pronounce psionic!

  13. Dan says:

    I enjoyed Wolverine, but they I have a very high tolerance for crap movies. But X men 3? It made me weep blood it was so poor.

  14. Blair says:

    Creed killed Bolt (Pippin’s character) because Stryker wanted a DNA sample to plant in Weapon XI. You can see Stryker typing orders for XI into a computer a few times during the last fight which implies XI had the machine empathy power.

  15. genesis4922 says:

    Do you guys honestly believe that Rogue wouldn’t/shouldn’t jump at the chance to take a mutant “cure”? Just because she learned to accept being a mutant doesn’t mean she embraces her tragic predicament. Just because a paraplegic comes to grips with his disability doesn’t mean he wouldn’t give anything to walk again. As a whole, I agree with the sentiment that X3 was a colossal turd of a film but I think you guys missed that mark with that criticism.

    Sorry this comment is coming in well late but I only just got caught up with the last few months of podcasts. I also apologize for making my first comment a critique, a dick move in retrospect.

  16. gooberzilla says:

    I’m pretty sure that our objection to Rogue accepting the cure is that she accepts it immediately, without reservation. There’s no conflict there, no point where they address the character development she’s gone through in the previous two films, and thus her inclusion in X3 is wasted screen time.

    The paraplegic analogy is a bad example, in my opinion, because Rogue clearly has some conscious control over her powers that she is working to develop. After all, she kisses Iceman in X2 without killing him and later when she’s training in the Danger Room Colossus touches her forehead to share his powers with her and neither of them are harmed. In the comic books they imply that she and Gambit have a sexual relationship. So her condition is manageable, not immediately crippling.

  17. genesis4922 says:

    I think I see the crux of our disagreement; pretty much everything I know about the X-Men comes from the films and I see no evidence in the films of Rogue gaining control over her power.

    In the first film she tells Wolverine “when people touch my skin, something happens…they just get hurt.” Later, Xavier tells Wolverine (and by extension, the audience) that when she touches mutants she absorbs their power and if she holds on long enough she draws the remainder of their life force.

    In X2, she touches Pyro to sap his power but only seems to make him momentarily woozy. The same can be said of Collosus in the Danger Room scene from X3. Even with his limited acting chops Daniel Cudmore conveyed to me that his Collosus was worse for the wear after touching Rogue.

  18. vichussmith says:

    If X3 was better written, they might have developed the characters in a fashion that was interesting rather than forced.

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