The Ballad of Texas Battle

Hold onto your Power Poles, because Dragonball: Evolution is the Greatest Movie EVER!
Click on the movie poster or the title above to download our review of the podcast,
featuring Gerald Rathkolb, Mike Dent, and Evan Minto.

Review in a Nutshell: A cinematic disaster on multiple levels, Dragonball: Evolution nonetheless has glimmers of competence that make for an entertaining, if cringe-inducing, viewing.



  1. I think the first time I’ve heard of Dragon Ball, it had to be on either a Saturday or a Sunday morning some 16-17 years ago, like around 6AM when I had to get up to begin folding up the newspapers to deliver that morning (yes, I was a paperboy, deal with it). I recall seeing this quirky little show come on where the monkey-tailed Goku bought Yamcha out in the desert while the others watched. He knocks one of Yamcha’s teeth out and the fight ends when Goku gets too tired and Bulma wakes up, causing Yamcha to split the scene (because he’s afraid of girls). I didn’t though continue to watch it every week as I should since I was still rather busy with a paper route then and later going onto college when “Dragon Ball Z” hit the syndie airwaves (once a week too), It wouldn’t be until the Toonami airings after ’98 when I bothered paying attention to the whole thing even though I had to get it any other means such as from a good friend of mine who now lives in Japan with his wife and daughter (living the “American Dream” we all probably wished for). These days I’m very burned out of the whole thing and the Dragonball: Evolution” movie simply wasn’t in my interests to see at all.

    Listening to the podcast reminded me of what Daryl Surut once said in your podcast on The Fist of the North Star live-action film. Mainly that of if you did know the source material and have been a fan of Hokuto no Ken, you would be let down from what transpires on screen, but if you came into it without any knowledge of the work, you might think it was a moderately good action film, and I suppose the same could be said for Dragonball: Evolution that respect. It’s what Gerald pointed out as a dumb, fun action movie, the kind that requires you to turn your brain off and enjoy I suppose.

    And yet I still want my Dragon Ball film to have anthropomorphic talking animals in it, so this film isn’t for me! For that, I leave you with this stupid Cartoon Network promo I had to remember!

  2. timeliebe says:

    Just when you think you’ve heard of everything that’s out there, along comes a movie you never even considered to smack you in the face like a two-week dead carp!

    Geez, Paul – I can’t wait to hear the episode now….

  3. Ryan Drouillard says:

    Gotta admit, as a person of asian ancestry, I was offended by the white-washing in this movie. However, I’m generally pissed at the silent racism Hollywood has for asian males. (if you’re an asian girl, you get to be a white dude’s arm candy.)


  4. I’m sure the white-washing could’ve been avoided or brought to a minimum had they not invited it in the first place, though when it comes to Dragon Ball itself, I always felt Goku didn’t need to be Asian anyway given he was essentially an alien to begin with (though if I had my choice, he’d be Latino). The world of Dragon Ball of course isn’t suppose to be our own as well, though certain characters could easily be played by Asian actors given their locales in it like Yamcha. Bulma of course comes from “West City” and could be said to be Caucasian in that respect (a blond hair actress with a streak of blue hair would suffice though it sounds like he was a bit more serious than silly here).

    I recall Paul suggesting Mai’s role in this as being like #18, though I recall someone on a Dragon Ball-related podcast stating the role is more like that of Piccolo Daimao’s henchmen Piano from the comic. As usual, we don’t get much of a backstory with her character or why she worships Piccolo at all and it just goes by without much thought other than the need to have a chick fight in the film.

    The Peter Parker characterization alone sums up Goku’s role in the film given the fact he’s a high school student who is really concerned with what other people thought of him while obsessing over ChiChi until the tables turn for him later. This is certainly a far different Goku from the one who would take off his clothes or pat someone on the crotch and not understand why people react negatively as he has never been taught these no-no’s from his Grandpa out in the sticks. I recall one of your guest reviewers referring to this as “The Spirits Within Syndrome” and I had to laugh at that one remembering how bad that film was too. On the surface, this should be seen really as it’s own original thing and not for the intellectual property attached to it in name only (but you know someone over in Japan was happy signing away for this).

  5. The Moogle Master says:

    There two Unoffical live action Dragon Ball Z Movies, the first one was from Taiwan, and the second is korean.

  6. Reminded now if the similar trouble that happened with “The Last Airbender” and the fans who were up at arms over that movie’s adaptation. M. Night Shimalanadingdong certainly hit his lowest point there!

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