R.I.P. Artax, We Hardly Knew Ye


Hold your horses, folks, because The Neverending Story is the Greatest Movie EVER!

Click on the movie title or the Bluray cover above to download our review of the film, featuring Katherin the Great.

Review in a Nutshell: A weirdly existential and somewhat traumatizing West German children’s film, The Neverending Story is a cultural artifact from a very strange and very specific era of the Eighties. They say you can never go home again, and perhaps with this film, that’s true in both the literal and metaphorical senses.

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  1. teageegeepea says:

    I say that if the world is recreated, then it’s like its destruction never happened. See Identity Isn’t in Specific Atoms.

    Curse of the Cat people is about adults worried that a child is too absorbed in her imagination, and her imaginary “friend” could be viewed as a threat (she was the monster in the original Cat People), but in the end her parents give in rather than her. Adults are more cynical and realistic compared to children, whose knowledge of the world comes more from the stories they read. It’s particularly in the interest of the creators of entertainment to promote fiction over realism, but practically speaking as adults we all must deal with reality. Propaganda which was in our actual interests might try to counter-act all the pro-imagination propaganda, but few would be interested in making that.

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