GME! Anime Fun Time Episode #18 – Lupin the Third: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine and Jigen’s Gravestone


The latest GME! Anime Fun Time is a double-feature in which Tom, Violence Jill, and I explore the 2012 TV series Lupin the Third: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine (directed by Sayo Yamamoto) and the 2014 short theatrical film Lupin the Third: Jigen’s Gravestone (directed by Takeshi Koike).

Topics of discussion include feminism, the influence of Gothic Romantic literature, how Lupin means different things to different people, and Tom and Jill’s inherent revulsion to moe anime involving school idols and alpaca. CLICK HERE or on the Bluray covers above to download the show.

GME! Anime Fun Time Episode #16 – One Punch Man


It’s a new year, and what better way to celebrate than with a comprehensive review that barely scratches the surface of the wonders of One Punch Man?

CLICK HERE or on the image above to download our review of the 2015 anime TV series (with bonus manga discussion), featuring Daryl Surat of Anime World Order, regular co-host Tom Pandich, and special guest host Ruth Gwaltney.

We talk about humor, narrative structure, and what it takes to be a hero in this modern world.


visual_01Don’t let Saitama’s try-hard appearance in the first key visual dissuade you. One Punch Man is primarily a comedy.

GME! Anime Fun Time Episode #14 – Overlord

Two episodes of GME! Anime Fun Time in a row? Impossible! But it is the month of Halloween, and what better way to celebrate than with an anime filled to the brim with spooky skeletons? Join Ruth and I as we try to explain what kept us going through 13 episodes of Overlord, an anime that combines the worst elements of light-novel narrative structure with the worst elements of the “trapped in an MMORPG” science fiction subgenre. CLICK HERE or on the image above to download our review of the show.

Final Thoughts:


albedo cocytus


demiurge hamusuke

Overlord does have some pretty boss character designs.

GME! Anime Fun Time Episode #12 – Ping Pong: The Animation

pingpong Tom and I are joined by guest host Casey from Anitwitter to talk about the 2014 TV anime, Ping Pong: The Animation, adapted from the manga by Taiyō Matsumoto. Ping Pong: The Animation is visually dense and rich with characterization. It’s a very uplifting, life-affirming series, although you wouldn’t judge that from some of the advertising. CLICK HERE or on the image above to download our review of the show.

Final Thoughts:




The visual make-up of the show can be difficult to describe, so here are a series of images to give you an idea of what to expect.

GME! Anime Fun Time Episode #11 – Mononoke


It’s that time again, time to have some Anime Fun. This time Clarissa from Anime World Order joins us again to discuss the strange, supernatural, and visually unique 2007 TV anime, Mononoke. An original series based on the character of the Medicine Vendor from the earlier Ayakashi: Samurai Horror Tales, Mononoke features bright colors but dark subject matter, and it turns limited animation into an artistic statement rather than a budgetary consideration. CLICK HERE or on the image above to download our review of the show.

Final Thought:


Fish Norio Wakamoto is best Norio Wakamoto.

GME! Anime Fun Time Episode #10 – Redline (2009)


We’re back, fully licensed and fueled up to have some more Anime Fun Time with our special guest Basil from the OSMCast. This time we’re talking about the 2009 anime film, Redline, directed by Takeshi Koike. Topics of discussion include this under-appreciated film as well as Tom’s staggering Ranma 1/2 addiction and Basil’s improbable fascination with shojo and sports anime. CLICK HERE or on the Youtube banner above to download our review of the film. While you’re at, you can watch Manga Entertainment’s official English dubbed version of the film here.

Final Thought:

Let’s look at a few results of the “Screencap a Random Scene from Redline to Use as Your Computer Wallpaper” Challenge.


We didn’t talk enough about the Boin Sisters.


Princess Supergrass is best princess.


It’s a dog-eat-dog world.




Just chillin’.

GME! Anime Fun Time Episode #09 – Hi-sCool! Seha Girls


February has come and gone, and that means it’s time for another episode of GME! Anime Fun Time. This time, join Paul, Tom, and special guest David Cabrera of Kawaiiko-chan!! Gaming no Korner as they lament their wasted childhoods spent playing Sega hardware consoles and explore the wacky comedy, Hi-sCool! Seha Girls, in which various pieces of Sega hardware are personified as cute little moe girls having dumb adventures in the worlds of Sega video games. CLICK HERE or on the image above to download our review.



 The Seha Girls’ hard battle blazes onward to Eternity.

GME! Anime Fun Time #05 – Crusher Joe


Pay no attention to the fact that it’s September 14! Here’s the completely punctual and not-at-all-delayed August episode of GME! Anime Fun Time. In this episode, Tom and I join forces with Gerald Rathkolb of Anime World Order to talk about ancient, out-of-print, unloved science fiction cartoons. CLICK HERE or on the Laser disc cover above to download our discussion of Crusher Joe in both its movie and OAV forms.

Final Thought:


Yes, this was the first animated appearance of the Dirty Pair.

GME! Anime Fun Time #04 – Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust


You were expecting Crusher Joe, but it was me, Vampire Hunter D(io)!

Terrible meme humor aside, July is coming to a close and we’d be remiss if we didn’t offer up another quivering slab of Anime Fun Time. This time Tom and I take a look at Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust, a slick albeit strange theatrical film from 2000. In a movie filled with vampires, torso-wolves, mechanical horses, steampunk tanks, and ghost lasers, can a fun time be far behind? Click on the movie title or the DVD cover above to find out!

Final Thought:


Ghost vampires are like the worst kind of vampire.

GME! Anime Fun Time Episode #03: The Tatami Galaxy


June is here, and we’re all ready to begin our rose-colored campus life with a look at The Tatami Galaxy, a 2010 anime with series direction by Masaaki Yuasa of Mind Game and Kick-Heart fame. CLICK HERE or on the poster above to download our review of the film, featuring guest host Daryl Surat of Anime World Order. The discussion includes topics such as the difficulties of finding artistic recognition and the power of mature story-telling in a medium dominated by a focus on youth and nostalgia. Spoilers abound, so listen with caution.

Final Thought:


“You complete me.”