Punching Snakemen, Savin’ the President

Hook up the electrodes, because Dreamscape is the Greatest Movie EVER!

Click on the movie poster or the title above to download our review of the film, featuring Sean “Hollywood” Hunting.

Review in a Nutshell:  Aside from a questionable “dream invasion” or two, Dreamscape is a fun little film that plays with the idea of psychic powers and dream manipulation.  Despite having a small budget, it has numerous strong performances and some decent special effects.

This movie contains:


The nefarious George Wendt?

Tragic Snake Face.

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  1. Edmund says:

    The snake man used to scare the hell outta me when I was a kid, the last snake bite at the end gave me nightmares.

    Do you think Innerspace will make it to the podcast at some point?

  2. Udo Kier's Invisbile Goatee says:

    I will check this film out.

    Gooberzilla, I will like to nominate, the Jean-Claude Van Damme starring, science fiction masterpiece, Cyborg (1989).

  3. Jung-ho says:

    The premise of this movie reminded me of that unspoken principle in science-fiction, where typically you’re “not supposed to” mix SF tropes, in this case the psychic element and the dream technology, where you run the risk of disbelief in the audience — I can buy one but not the other, that kind of thing. I haven’t seen this movie (cept for the ending) but the way it’s described it seems to work, so do they downplay the fantastical nature of Dennis Quaid’s psychic powers, or is it just pulpy enough to invest in?

  4. This seems like something i should have seen when i was kid but didnt. I did see Innerspace tho.

    On the subject of Nightmare fuel and claymation, did you ever see Return to OZ(1985) when you were a kid Paul?

  5. Travis says:

    I think it’s just some kind of law that any movie that’s about dreams has to have an ending that calls the reality of everything that happened into question, even if such an ending is completely inappropriate to the rest of the movie (as is the case here).

    And I thought “Inception” was a pretty good movie, but didn’t deserve the absurd amount of praise it received. I actually still think Christopher Nolan’s best movie is “The Prestige.”

  6. I saw this in theatres when it first came out, and I didn’t like it at all – it was a movie about “dream logic” that felt as flat-footed and set-bound as the busted pilot for a network SF series about “Dream Detectives”. Quaid was a really unappealing “hero” (as Paul and Sean both pointed out) whose change of heart seemed more mandated by the script than by anything intrinsic, Plummer may as well as had “Military-Industrial Complex Bad Guy – Please Hiss” stenciled on the back of his suit jacket, D.P. Kelly was so over-the-top one-dimensional e-VIL! and totally bonkers that he was a joke…and as for Ms. Capshaw? Well, I’m happy Spielberg loves her, and they’ve made a good life together….

    Writer-director Joseph Ruben has done good work since (TRUE BELIEVER was an intelligent and enjoyable legal thriller with several clever “tricks” in its direction) – but DREAMSCAPE looks as if it were directed by Jack Smight, the most aggressively mediocre filmmaker ever.

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