Bonus Episode: Jaeger Bomb

Fire up your giant robots and get ready to “drift”, because Pacific Rim: Uprising is (probably not) the Greatest Movie EVER!

Click on the movie poster or the title above to download our review of the film, featuring Gerald Rathkolb of AnimeWorldOrder.

Review in a Nutshell: A film filled with baffling narrative and editorial decisions, Pacific Rim: Uprising is a prime example of what happens when artistic choices give way to financial and marketing ones.


  1. Daryl Surat says:

    I feel like when it comes to Hollywood making movies supposedly for both the Chinese and American markets–it’s the style at this time, much like tying an onion to one’s belt was back in the old days–both 2018’s Pacific Rim: Uprising and the preceding year’s Transformers: The Last Knight employed the exact same consultant to tell them “it is IMPERATIVE that your script feature a young tomboy mechanic orphan girl who builds her own tiny robot in the scrapyard as a supporting hero!” Both movies were intended to launch some new set of franchise installments, and failed to do so. What I’m saying is, in order to establish true stakes Pacific Rim: Uprising should have ALSO loaded Anthony Hopkins up into an air cannon.

    For all of the bending over backwards to cater to China, Pacific Rim: Uprising made about $100 million in China, which is a little bit less than the $112 million the first one made over there. By contrast, the presence of Anthony Hopkins being launched through the air (definitely not a stunt double, it was absolutely an 80 year old knighted Academy Award winner being hurled through the air) is why Transformers: The Last Knight made about $229 million in China.

    Incidentally, the original Smokin’ Aces is a movie made solely for the enjoyment of me at the expense of everybody else. It is a “Daryl Surat” genre film; the direct-to-video sequels, not so much.

  2. Andrew Vi says:

    I remember, in the good old days of 3 years ago, listening to your review of the original. One of the cases when you said something to profoundly CORRECT, I remember it to this day.

    “We are gluts. We want more sequels, more prequels, more backstory, more lore, more……” I do not believe “sequels bad”, and I am eternally wrong for liking Prometheus (I watched a semi-official extended edition that almost came to iMax), but at the same time not allowing any movie to remain self-contained, is simply disrespectful to the original story. Like “it’s not good enough until I make a sequel to it”. Sometimes having JUST ENOUGH backstory, and JUST ENOUGH personality to the characters is perfectly fine. Which is something a glutton will never get.

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