Make Mine MANT!

Hold on to your popcorn, because Matinee (1993) is the Greatest Movie EVER?

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Review in a Nutshell: Awash in nostalgia and soaked in the anxiety of the threat of Cold War era nuclear annihilation, Matinee (1993) is a film oddity and a loving tribute to the oeuvre of master movie marketer William Castle.

The Loneliness of Atomic-Powered Cephalopods

Beware of stock footage in the swamp, because Bride of the Monster is the Greatest Movie EVER!

Review in a Nutshell:  This movie contains Wood-en acting, lousy sets, rubber animals, and a veritable cavalcade of absurdities.  I love it dearly.

 This movie also contains:


Shaved Yetis.

Atomic Monsters?