My Condor-sense is Tingling…

Hang on to your hang-gliders, because Condorman is (probably not) The Greatest Movie EVER!

Click on the movie poster or the title above to download our review of the film, featuring Vtuber extraordinaire Sasquatchulous.

Review in a Nutshell: A relic of an era when Disney was floundering both critically and commercially, Condorman is a spy spoof / adventure film aimed at kiddies that can’t manage to land a consistent tone and that ends up being a rather dull experience despite some excellent stunt driving sequences.


The Greatest Movie EVER!

Hold onto your NASA hats, because

Flight of the Navigator is the Greatest Movie EVER!

This movie contains:

Ooooh, a flying sesame seed!

Space-faring Bicycle Helmets.

Pee Wee Herman?

Alien Weirdos.

Pouty pouty pouty.

Precocious Children.

Dr. Johnny Fever.

She's a cutey.

Sarah Jessica Parker. We think she’s cute here, darn it!



It’s a Fast Karate RealDoll Convention! WA-CHA!