Hide your secret decoder rings, because The Shadow is the Greatest Movie EVER!

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Review in a Nutshell:  Similar to films such as The Phantom and The Rocketeer, The Shadow is a period adventure film featuring action, romance, and a nice sense of style.  Some of the CG special effects haven’t aged so well, but the movie is still fun for children of all ages.

This movie contains:

Alec Baldwin as Fu Manchu.

The man responsible for Mongolian Barbeque.

Psychic Knives.

Invisible Skyscrapers.  (You can’t see it.  It’s invisible.)

This movie does not contain:

David Bowie’s Codpiece.

Double Feature: Adamantium (Nerd) Rage


Unsheath those claws, because we’re serving up a double-header of the Greatest Movie EVER!

First, X-men Origins: Wolverine may not be the Greatest Movie EVER, but at least Logan’s hair looks fabulous.

And second, X-men III: The Last Stand will make your inner nerd whimper for mercy.

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