No Jiffy Pop in Heaven.

The Greatest Worst Movie EVER!

Despite the presence of ‘The Swayze’,

Red Dawn is the Greatest Worst Movie EVER!

Once again, technical difficulties have prevented me from posting adequate screen caps.

As a token of my apologies, please consider this picture of a contemplative gorilla:

Contemplative Gorilla

(Gorilla. Guerrilla. Get it?)

I’ll do better next time, I swear.

Also, the Greatest Movie EVER! Podcast has been nominated for a Parsec Award! Yay!


Armand Assante, Native American!

It’s all fun and games until someone mutates a bear.

California Speed LOLZ

The Greatest Movie EVER!

Despite a general absence of Stuntman Mike,

Vanishing Point is the Greatest Movie EVER!

No screen-caps this week. I forgot to borrow Sean’s DVD.

Instead, here’s a pic of Barry Newman putting the schnoz-lock on Charlotte Rampling.

Charlotte Rampling and Barry Newman

No woman can resist Barry Newman.


Lenny Nero & Mace

“Paranoia is just reality on a grander scale.”

More fun than a Nuclear-powered Ox-Cart…

Stealth, like Reign of Fire, is the Greatest Worst Movie EVER. (Not great enough to be Greatest, not worse enough to be Worst.)


1 Minutes, 4 Seconds In:

EDI, the star of this picture. If I were in charge, I would design all of my robot-pilot AIs with friendly, soothing green LEDs, rather than the angry, rebellious red ones.


10 Minutes, 23 Seconds In:

(…I’m sorry, was I supposed to write a comment here? I got a little…distracted…)


11 Minutes, 38 Seconds In:



21 Minutes, 6 Seconds In:

Ganesh, the Remover of Obstacles.



Just in time for the holidays, the most horrifying film to hit the screen!

Dragons: 1 , Stromnir: Zero

Reign of Fire is the Greatest Worst Movie EVER. Or the Worst Greatest Movie EVER. We’re not sure.


It has dragons in it.

No, seriously. They breath fire and everything. And apparently, they wiped out the dinosaurs. All of the ones that weren’t safely sequestered in the Appatosaurus Preserve, that is.


15 Minutes, 16 Seconds In:

Getting ready for it…


Yes, folks. They even filmed it from underneath.




Sadly, shortly after this episode was recorded, the entire dinosaur population of the Appatosaurus Preserve was wiped out by an unknown assailant wielding a giant, freakin’ axe. Witnesses report that the assailant was heard shouting: “Yaaar, filthy dragons, taste the wrath of me blade!” The cryptic message “STROMNIR LIVES!” was found painted in dinosaur blood at the scene of the slaughter.

A composite sketch of the assailant, created by police artists.