The Merry Adventures of Tito and The Wolfman

Zip up those yellow jumpsuits, because Turkey Shoot is the Greatest Movie EVER!

Click on the movie poster or the title above to download our review of the film, featuring Oliver from the Welcome to the Brain Palace Podcast.

Review in a Nutshell:  An inexplicable mash-up of “women in prison” and “most dangerous game” films, Turkey Shoot is alternatively considered the apex and the nadir of Australian exploitation film.

This movie contains:

Friendly Fascists.

An Arrow Through the Mouth.

A Dapper Wolfman.

Jason Statham Drives a Car and Kills People


This is the only picture that should be required to convince you

that Death Race is the Greatest Movie EVER!

Review in a Nutshell:  On one hand, indistinguishable gray vehicles firing machine guns at one another in an ash-colored soup of choppy action scenes.  On the other hand, Mario Kart power-ups and Robin Shou.  On the gripping hand, Jason Statham.

Beware of Dog

Watch for the Werewolf Break, because The Beast Must Die is the Greatest Movie EVER!

Review in a Nutshell: The Beast Must Die is a quirky hybrid of murder mystery and werewolf movie with a stellar cast that was filmed at the beautiful Shepperton Studios in England. The film’s salient features are the Werewolf Break and the fact that the werewolf was played by a large, fluffy dog.

This movie contains:

Ground Mics!

Obnoxious House Guests.

Dog on the roof. DOG ON THE ROOF!

Exploding Helicopters.

The Most Dangerous Month – The Pest

The Greatest Movie EVER!
Hunt You Like an Animal: The Most Dangerous Month
culminates with The Pest, quite possibly the Greatest Movie EVER!
This movie contains:
Hey hey hey!
This hardly seems right...
Funky Scottish Jews.
Not really.
Cate Blanchett!?!
And I’d like to extend a special thanks to all the fans and guest hosts
that have made this theme month the Most Dangerous EVER. Thanks, everybody!

The Most Dangerous Month – The Condemned

The 'Greatest' Movie EVER!
Don’t touch that high-speed Internet connection to the streaming death show,
because The Condemned is the ‘Greatest’ Movie EVER!
This movie contains:
Blonde Eye Candy.
Interior Decorators.
Blimey!  He's crazy!
Crazy Asian Guys.
Grrr.  Argh.
Vinnie “Evil McEvilstein” Jones.
Hunt You Like an Animal: The Most Dangerous Month
continues with perhaps the worst canoe-camping trip EVER…

The Most Dangerous Month – Surviving the Game

The Greatest Movie EVER!
Beware of priests bearing gifts, because Surviving the Game is the Greatest Movie EVER!
No Screen-caps this time. I’m super tired.
But as a measure of compensation…

“Because Stone Cold Said So!”

The Most Dangerous Month – The Running Man

The Greatest Movie EVER!
Grab a six-pack of Cadre Cola, because The Running Man is the Greatest Movie EVER!
This movie contains:
No tongue, Killian.
Tanaka is Fired.
Professor Sub-Zero.
Clap if you love...
This guy loves his job.
Snake Eater?
Former Governor of Minnesota.
Captain Freedom.
Oh, yeah. Arnold’s in it, too.
The Most Dangerous Month continues…
“Maybe you should drive, Ice-T?”