GME! Anime Fun Time Episode #23 – Little Witch Academia


Our spooky Halloween episode of GME! Anime Fun Time is a bit late this year, as Evan Minto of Ani-Gamers, Thomas Pandich, and I take a gander at Little Witch Academia, a pair of fantasy-themed works of original net animation directed by Yoh Yoshinari and animated by Studio TRIGGER. Topics of discussion include our expectations for the upcoming Little Witch Academia TV series, our current slate of anime assignments, and Evan being transformed into a Pokémon butt. CLICK HERE or on the image above to download our review.


My “Buddy” References are Lacking


Hold on to your guitar picks, because Six-String Samurai is the Greatest Movie EVER?

Click on the DVD cover or the title above to download our review of the film, featuring Sean “Hollywood” Hunting.

Review in a Nutshell: An independent film with strong production design, a great concept, and a killer soundtrack, Six-String Samurai suffers from questionable comic timing and an inconsistent tone. It’s not as entertaining as I want it to be, although Sean enjoyed it more on a second viewing.

GME! Anime Fun Time Episode #21 – Kiki’s Delivery Service


In the August entry of GME! Anime Fun Time, Tom and I take an impromptu look at Kiki’s Delivery Service, a 1989 theatrical anime film directed by Hayao Miyazaki and animated by Studio Ghibli. CLICK HERE or on the Bluray cover about to download our review of the film. Discussion includes topics such as depression, adolescence, and sentimentality. There’s also some bonus talk about Flying WitchThe Kingdom of Dreams and Madness, and why Yamcha is the worst character in Dragon Ball Z.

GME! Anime Fun Time Episode #20 – Giant Robo: The Animation


July is here, and it’s time for another jumbo-sized helping of GME! Anime Fun Time. This time Tom, Daryl, Dylan, and I examine Giant Robo: The Animation – The Day the Earth Stood Still, a 7 episode OAV series from the Nineties directed by Yasuhiro Imagawa and inspired by the manga works of Mitsuteru Yokoyama. Don’t let the term “robo” fool you: Giant Robo is closer in spirit to the heroic wuxia tales of classic Chinese literature than to something like Mobile Suit Gundam. CLICK HERE or on the image above to download our review of the series.

Bonus Content: Crisis on Infinite Ponies


What better time to review My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 5 than mid-way through Season 6? In this massive bonus content episode, Neil, Kara, and I explore how five years of pony shenanigans has shaped our opinions on the show as well as what we expect from the series going forward. We also discuss the My Little Pony – Equestria Girls: Friendship Games film. CLICK HERE or on the image above to download our review.

Review in a Nutshell: Despite a few weaker episodes here and there, Season 5 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic delivers some powerful and emotionally resonant stories that should satisfy any pony fan.

GME! Anime Fun Time Episode #19 – Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls


It’s demihuman fan-service galore as Tom, Andrew, and I explore Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls, a 2015 TV anime based on the manga of the same name by Okayada.

We discuss our favorite visual puns, the mixed reactions that the show inspires among anime fans, and a brief but surprisingly serious critical interpretation for a sex comedy starring harpies, lamia, and centaurs.

CLICK HERE or on the key art above to download our review of the show.



I do not recommend using Google image search for “Monster Musume” with your Safe settings turned off.

“Hail to the King, Baby.”


Gas up the chainsaw, because Army of Darkness is the Greatest Movie EVER!

Click on the movie poster or the title above to download our review of the film, featuring M.O.M., the Mistress of Malapropisms.

Review in a Nutshell: Although the theatrical cut of Army of Darkness suffers from the choppy final edit foisted upon the film by the studio, the 3rd movie in The Evil Dead series is still the funniest and most easily accessible entry, and it stands out as a fun throwback to an age of practical special effects from the days before the ascension of CG.